Let Visa Checkout increase your football time

Visa has made a video to show just how easy it is to pay with Visa Checkout: They filmed wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald paying for his order of football jerseys with one hand while he catches passes from Colin Kaepernick, Andrew Luck and Drew Brees with the other. Although none of us is likely to catch an NFL pass under a flurry of fake snowflakes, it certainly shows how simple it is to use Visa Checkout.

Once you’ve enrolled, you could pay for your pizza dinner without ending your family’s game of backyard touch football. Or over Thanksgiving weekend, when you’re channel surfing between multiple bowl games and you don’t want to miss any action, you can order a pizza and pay for it without getting off the couch or setting down your remote.

Or if you’re like me and you skip football in favor of finding Black Friday bargains, you can put your time waiting in checkout lines to good use. Use your smartphone to get some of your online shopping done without having to enter your credit card number in front of the prying eyes of other shoppers.


Sign up now! 

It’s easy to set up your Visa Checkout account with your Alliant Visa Platinum or Platinum Rewards credit card. 

  1. Go to the Visa Checkout website
  2. Click the Create Account button. 
  3. Follow the prompts to set up your account. 

You’ll need to give Visa all your standard payment information (name, credit card info, billing and shipping addresses, etc.) to set up your account. But after that, when you use Visa Checkout, you’ll just type in the login and password you created and your card number will stay private.