Alliant Certificate rates as high as 1.85%APY

Alliant Certificate rates as high as 1.85%APY

Earn higher returns on your money — without lifting a finger

Well, you might have to lift just one — you’ll have to open your Alliant Certificate — but after that, it’s set it and forget it. And, unlike your other investment accounts, you’ll get guaranteed returns! Earn up to 1.80% APY (annual percentage yield), or 1.85% APY for jumbo certificates.1,2,3

The perks of an Alliant Certificate

Flexible maturity dates:

Plan for life’s big moments with maturity dates ranging from 12 months to 5 years.2

Choose your dividends:

Get your dividends as a monthly check or a transfer into your share account, or reinvest them in your certificate to obtain the full APY.2,3

Make changes easily:

You’ll lock in your term, but you can change your dividend or renewal options at any time before your certificate matures!

Low deposit requirements:

You only need $1,000 to get started! And, our jumbo certificates require a low $25,000 minimum deposit to earn up to 1.85%APY. 

Alliant Certificates vs. the competition

See how Alliant Certificates compare to bank CDs4

  Balance Term Rate
Alliant $25,000 12 months 1.20% APY
Ally $25,000 12 months 1.05% APY
Capital One 360 $25,000 12 months 0.75% APY
American Express $25,000 12 months 0.55% APY
Bank of America $25,000 12 months 0.07% APY
Chase $25,000 12 months 0.02% APY

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