Custodial Accounts

Plan Today for Your Child’s Future

A Uniform Transfer to Minors Act (UTMA) account is a convenient, uncomplicated way to make gifts and transfer money to a minor.

  • Available with a savings, supplemental savings, checking or certificate accounts
  • High dividends paid monthly on average daily balances of $100 or more with a savings account
  • First box of checks Free (checking account only). Debit & convenience cards are not available for trust checking accounts.
  • Savings federally insured to at least $250,000 by the NCUA
  • No maximum balance limit
  • Online banking and mobile banking

How a Custodial Account Works
Although the account is maintained in the name of the minor, you, as the custodian, control the account and oversee all activity on the account until the minor reaches age 21, generally, unless law dictates otherwise (contact your professional advisor), at which time the child has the right to the remaining funds. On the child’s behalf, the custodian makes the decisions about how the money is invested, and when and how to spend it. The custodian must be an Alliant member.

For more information on a UTMA Custodial Savings Account, please contact an Alliant Member Services Representative at 800-328-1935.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a UTMA Custodial Savings Account?
UTMA accounts are taxable accounts that allow you to gift or transfer assets to a minor. Once the account is opened transfers are irrevocable and become the assets of the minor.

Who’s eligible for a UTMA Custodial Savings Account?
Any person eligible for membership in Alliant can open a Custodial Savings Account for a minor. The account is maintained in the name of the minor. The custodian must be an Alliant member.

What are the tax advantages?
Earnings are reported under the minor child’s social security number (consult with your tax advisor for more information on tax implications).

How much can be contributed?
There are no contribution limits.

How are funds withdrawn?
While the child is a minor, funds in a UTMA Custodial Savings Account may be used for educational purposes or for any purpose that benefits the minor. Once a minor attains the age of 21, generally, (depending on the source of the funds) the custodian is required to distribute the funds.

Do I have to maintain a minimum to get dividends?
Alliant savings dividends are paid monthly. In order to qualify for dividends, you must maintain a daily average minimum balance of $100 or more each month.

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