Give your employees the peace of mind they need

Employees are more stressed than ever about their finances. Our Financial Wellness Program provides the tools and information they need to achieve financial success.

Financial Wellness Program

Financial Wellness Program

Reducing financial stress and empowering employees to successfully manage their money is an integral part of any wellness program. Ask us if you qualify for this program. 

7/10 HR professionals admit that personal financial challenges have a significant impact on employee performance9

of organizations currently provide financial education to their employees9

of employees think financial wellness should be offered to them10

of employees report that issues with personal finances have been a distraction at work11

Help your employees achieve financial freedom with our four step Financial Wellness Program

  1. Company Consultation

    Set up a free consultation with one of our financial experts. We'll design a program specific to your company's needs

  2. Employee Assessment

    Employees receive a ten minute, confidential financial online assessment. They will receive personalized advice specific to their financial situation based on their assessment

  3. Employer Report & Financial Wellness Action Plan

    Receive an aggregate report of the Financial Wellness Assessment findings and the tools to kick off your customized program

  4. Implementation

    Launch your customized program with free education and communication tools. We offer on-site seminars, monthly webinars, a personal financial management tool, and much more

Financial Wellness Resources

Financial Wellness Assessment

All employees will receive a custom Financial Wellness Assessment, so they can compare their financial knowledge against the national average. Even more important, you'll see how your employees stack up against one another and against the national average. Use this information to identify employees who are in greatest need of the financial education resources provided in this Financial Wellness Program

Financial Education

Employees will receive a number of educational opportunities, all designed to empower, reduce financial stress and increase productivity. Perks include a regular newsletter, remote and in-person education, exclusive offers and more. 


We’ll deliver financial wellness seminars around topics that are most important for your employees financial health. Whether they need guidance on college financing, estate planning, or anything in between, we can deliver tailored seminars that provide the information they need

Financial wellness webcasts and custom content

Alliant is known for delivering specialized content that covers important financial issues. Your employees will have 24/7 access

Savvy Social Security Planning

What baby boomers need to know to maximize their retirement income with social security.

Raising Financially Aware Kids

Learn the roll a parent can take in teaching children and grandchildren about money. Understanding the importance of learning the basics early in life, allowance ideas and setting expectations and goals for money management.

Learning from the Lessons of Time to Identify Financial Goals

Use the past as a reality check on investing. Financial security and job opportunities are often major concerns during economic times of uncertainty, yet all of these headlines seem to cycle over time.

Surviving & Thriving Through the Holidays

Tackle creating a plan for your holiday spending and strategies to avoid spending money you don't have with the help of this webcast presented by Alliant Credit Union.

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