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If you like to manage your own financial investments personally, the self-managed investment tool15 is a great option for you.

Self Managed Investments
The Run Down
  • Manage your investments easily with online tools15
  • 24/7 access to modify your investments
  • No minimum investment amount
  • No maximum number of transactions
  • Choose from over 125 mutual funds
  • Just $5.95 per month, per account (and your first month is free)74
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Self-managed investing 101

Choose from over 125 mutual funds with an online investment tool that is available 24/7. You can quickly change the mutual funds you are investing in and modify the amounts of your investments. Create a portfolio of funds that match your investment preferences.

All online transactions are free so you have the freedom to modify your investment portfolio on your own, whenever you'd like. Accounts are only $5.95 per month and the fee for the first month is waived.74


Invest your way

Standard investment account program

Create your own investment portfolio from among over 125 mutual fund options. You can use your Alliant Savings Account or an account from another financial institution.The standard investment account program also offers joint accounts.

  • The first month of this service is free.
  • $5.95 per month/per account
  • Available to all members with an Alliant Savings Account

Learn more about our Standard Investment Account program.

Health Savings Account (HSA) investment program

Would you like to potentially grow the funds in your Alliant Health Savings Account75? By investing through Alliant's Self Managed Investment Tool, you’ll get all the normal benefits of a health savings account, plus the opportunity to turn your HSA into a powerful investment vehicle, customized to match your personal financial goals and investment style. Keep in mind you:

  • Must keep a minimum of $1,000 in your HSA account
  • Can invest in anything over the minimum HSA dollar amount
  • $5.95 per month/per account

How to Start: Log in to Alliant Online Banking and look for “HSA Investments” under the "Budget & Planning" tab.

Three ways to manage your standard investment program

To make it even easier for you to manage your investments the way you like, we’re pleased to offer three self-directed investing strategies. How to Start: Log in to Alliant Online Banking and look for “Standard Investments” under the "Budget & Planning" tab.

Choice 1

Choose a single mutual fund or create an investment portfolio with multiple mutual funds. Choose from any of the funds on the list including the suggested mutual funds that match your risk tolerance profile. These positions are self-managed and do not have the ability to re-balance.

Choice 2

Invest in one of five diversified Asset Allocation Model Portfolios. The mutual fund positions and allocation percentages are pre-selected based on the risk tolerance level of the model. These portfolios will re-balance annually on the anniversary date of the account.

Choice 3

Build a unique asset allocation model portfolio with any of the funds on the list. Choose funds from our complete line up and assign percentages to those funds within the limit of each asset class. These portfolios also re-balance annually on the anniversary date of the account.

Self-managed investing FAQs

What do I need to consider before investing?

Prior to investing, you should review your goals and objectives for your assets, just as you would with any other account. Money invested in an investment account is at risk and can change in value on a daily basis. You should carefully consider the amounts you invest based on factors in addition to market or interest rate risk, such as the amount you want to set aside for short-term or long-term needs, expected retirement age and other savings goals.

Who is eligible to invest with self-managed investing?

Self-managed investing is available to all members who currently hold a Savings Account through Alliant Credit Union. There is no minimum balance requirement to use the tool.

What dollar amount can I invest in self-managed investing?

There is no minimum amount that you must invest.

How do I move funds between my Alliant Accounts and my investment portfolio?

You can transfer funds between your Alliant Savings Account and your investment selection in two different ways: a one-time transfer or a recurring transfer. The amount and frequency are entirely up to you. 

After you have opened your investment account with your savings account information, you will have the option to link your investment account to a checking account. 

What are the fees for self-managed investing?

The monthly fee to use the tool is $5.95, and the first month is free. The monthly fee is charged at the beginning of your monthly billing cycle. The initial fee is waived upon opening your account, which means you will be billed for the first time approximately 30 days after the account is established. Your fee will be deducted from your established investment account. Depending on how your money is invested, the fee will be deducted first from the cash position in the investment portfolio. If there is no cash position, the fee will come from the largest mutual fund position in the portfolio.

What happens when the balance in my self-managed investing account goes to $0?

After three consecutive months of a zero balance, Save Daily will automatically close the investment account. The three-month period will start the day the account goes to a zero balance.

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