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More Americans are leasing cars than ever before: Is a leased car right for you?

As recently as 2012, four out of five car shoppers preferred paying for their car instead of leasing. But last year, among the 16.5 million new vehicles sold, something surprising happened. More people chose leasing than ever before. Should you? Find out.

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9/23/15  Up Your Security IQ
How Alliant protects its members from fraud

At Alliant, our mission is to look out for the best interest of our members, and part of that mission is to do everything in our power to protect the security of their accounts. Here are a few ways we protect our members' information.

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9/23/15  Grab BagSmart Spending Tips
Daycare vs. stay-at-home parenting: Which is better for your finances?

When you have a baby, childcare costs can eat up a huge chunk of your budget. But does it make financial sense to have one parent stay home vs. send your child to daycare?

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Introducing Alliant’s updated look and feel

Beginning this month, we’ll be rolling out an updated look and feel across Alliant. This refreshed design will extend across our website, brochures, emails and more.

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9/9/15  Getting Out of DebtGrab Bag
Five ways to increase your income

Get five simple ideas on how to increase your income to balance your budget.

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8/27/15  Savings & Retirement
Financial advisors 101: Preparing for your first meeting

Our blogger Pam walks you through part 2 of our "financial advisors 101" series, reviewing the materials and information you should bring to your first consultation with a financial planning consultant.

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