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6/19/18  Savings & Retirement
Is an IRA Certificate a good investment option for you?

Did you know that your IRA can be invested in an IRA Certificate for insured growth at a higher rate?  Learn more about IRA Certificates so you can decide if it's a good investment option for you.

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6/11/18  Smart Spending Tips
Know your student loan options

Let’s explore the different types of loans, including federal and private options.

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6/7/18  Credit 101Housing
How to pay for a large expense: personal loan vs. HELOC vs. credit card

When facing an expense that's bigger than your emergency fund, should you charge the expense on a credit card, pay with a home equity line of credit (HELOC) or apply for an unsecured personal loan? Learn the ins and outs of these three options to determine which loan best meets your financial needs.

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6/5/18  Smart Spending TipsUp Your Security IQ
Are payment apps and mobile wallets safe?

Worried about security? Learn what you need to know about mobile wallets and payment apps.

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5/25/18  Getting Out of DebtSavings & RetirementSmart Spending Tips
Boost your savings or reduce your debt by an entire paycheck – painlessly!

If your biweekly payday is on Friday, June 1, 2018, you're in luck. You'll receive an extra "bonus" paycheck on June 29. Learn why you'll get an extra check this month and how you can use that third monthly paycheck to reduce your debt or boost your savings. And if your biweekly payday was May 25, start planning now for your next "bonus" paycheck in August! 

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5/22/18  Housing
5 home improvement projects with the biggest return

Do you wonder if potential buyers see the value in your home updates? Here are the improvement projects that will keep their value at resale time.

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