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How to create secure, memorable passwords

create secure passwords
May 05, 2017

By Paul Brucker and Allison Videtti

Passwords were around long before the Internet age. Military sentries (and speakeasy bouncers) would not let people enter an area unless they spoke the correct password. Now, secure passwords are essential if you want to use the Internet to make online purchases, do your banking, access your email or communicate with friends.

The challenge is creating strong passwords that are complex enough to elude hackers but easy enough for you to remember. Ideally, you’ll have a different – and equally secure – password for each site you use.

Dos & Don’ts for creating secure passwords:



Consider using a password manager if you have a lot of passwords to remember. There are lots of choices available for these programs. Then, you’ll need to remember only one password – the one that gets you into the password manager.