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Alliant Lends A Hand To Those Impacted By Hurricane Sandy
Nov 01, 2012
Hurricane Sandy has devastated several areas of the country and negatively impacted the finances of some Alliant members. To help our members and employees of partner organizations cope with the financial repercussions of this disaster, Alliant offers Disaster Relief Loans and payment assistance for those with existing Alliant Loans.
Expert Tips for Buying Your First Car
Oct 29, 2012
Thinking about buying a new car? If this is your first one, you're probably pretty excited and maybe even a little stressed out. Not to worry: if you do your homework first, we guarantee that you'll have a fabulous buying experience. The nice thing about buying a new car is you can get all the information you need in advance. Read on for more expert car buying tips.
Save Every Day: Reusable snack storage
Oct 25, 2012
"Excuse me, is your coffee creamer bottle empty? I'd like it for my Goldfish®," may not be a commonly overheard statement in your lunchroom, but a great way to save money on snacks and containers is to reuse items like bottles from coffee creamers or jars from jellies.
Save Every Day: Use a programmable thermostat
Oct 18, 2012
Programmable thermostats are systems you can set to heat or cool your home based on when you are there, asleep or away.
Save Every Day: DIY Manicure
Sep 27, 2012
Ladies, how much do you spend every month fluffing and primping so you always look your best?
2012 Members Scholarship Winners
Sep 17, 2012
Alliant recently selected five members to receive $2,000 each in this year's Members Scholarship Program. They were among more than 100 applicants evaluated on their academic performance, community involvement, personal goals and what Alliant means to them.
Winners of our “It pays to use Alliant’s online Bill Pay” sweepstakes
Aug 29, 2012
To encourage our members to use Alliant Online Banking to manage their accounts and to pay their bills, Alliant offered members the opportunity to win one of three prizes in our "It pays to use Alliant's online Bill Pay" sweepstakes.
Save Every Day: Shrink Your Grocery Bill
Aug 22, 2012
You know cooking at home is more affordable than going out to eat, but sometimes grocery bills seem to get out of control! How do you keep it within reason? Start using less ingredients.
Save Every Day: Pack Your Lunch
Aug 15, 2012
Slow Cooker Dinners
Jul 30, 2012
We aren't sure how you're feeling, but at our Headquarters in Chicago, it feels like we have been melting all summer long. As temperatures set new records, we feel a gust of humidity every time we step out of the office.

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