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Congratulations…2008 National Education Program winners

November 13, 2008 | Alliant Credit Union

Nearly 200 students submitted entries in the Alliant 2008 National Education Program. The young scholars harnessed their imaginations – as well as a variety of media – to respond to the questions “What Do I Want to be When I Grow Up?” and “How Can a Computer Enrich My Education?”

These young Alliant members in three age groups – 5-9, 10-13 and 14-17 – competed for $5,250 in gift cards redeemable for computers and related items.

Meet This Year's Winners

$1,000 Gift Card "Golden Apple Award" winners

Jason Hanselman Photo Age Category: 5-9 years old

Jason H., 9, from St. Charles, IL, says, "as soon as I grow up, I desire to construct video games." He's already scored a goal - with "Pele's Pride," a computer soccer game he created at a summer camp where he mastered PowerPoint. Jason plans to use his prize money, in part, to buy his own copy of PowerPoint so he can develop more computer games and ace school projects.

Kylie Dobbs PhotoAge Category: 10-13 years old

Kylie D., a 10-year old from Jamestown, IN, sent in a cardboard mock up of a computer with a booklet in the shape of CD-ROMs. Kylie has two key reasons for needing a new computer. Reason one: "because private detectives do a lot of work using the computer" and "some day I will be old enough and learn enough to be a private detective." Reason two: "If I had my own computer, I could learn faster, and not have to share one with my brothers."

Matthew Buenger PhotoAge Category: 14-17 years old

Matthew B., 17, of Addison, IL, says he simply must have a Mac. To tell us why, he sent us, "I need a Mac," a two minute 48 second rap music video of himself. In the video, Matthew sings and demonstrates how a new computer would free him from the limitations of his "worn-out old PC" and help pave the way to where he plans to be - behind the scenes of the music industry as a sound editor.


$500 Gift Card "Silver Key Award" winners

Ethan Dobbs PhotoAge Category: 5-9 years old

Ethan D., 8, of Jamestown, IN, plans to be a detective. Sound familiar? His sister, Kylie, another prizewinner this year, shares this ambition. Ethan sent in his police notebook and dossier that realistically demonstrates how a computer helped him solve an imaginary bank robbery at a fictional Alliant Service Center in Kirksville, MO.

Sterling Layman PhotoAge Category: 10-13 years old

Sterling L., 13, of Libertyville, IL, used 206 pictures to create a stop motion DVD that demonstrates how a computer would enrich his education and help him eventually make a living by creating car racing video games. As Sterling notes in his DVD, he needs a computer because he can't make computer video games without one.

Christina Nguye PhotonAge Category: 14-17 years old

Christina N., 15, of Mound, MN, goes to the library in her spare time to do Internet research on rare diseases. That's because she plans to become a plastic surgeon, but not for rich Beverly Hills clients or those with abundant insurance. Instead, she wants to be "an angel in disguise," willing to waive her medical fee if it will help poor kids with disfigurements to lead healthy normal lives.

$250 "Brass Bell Award" winners

Tanyatorn Rojasavastera PhotoAge Category: 5-9 years old

Tanyatorn "Beam" R., 7, attends school in Bangkok, Thailand, and thinks the world is "so beautiful." She loves animals, wild life, trees and flowers. Beam wants a computer to help learn things so that when she grows up, she can help save the world from global warming and other threats - and "find the way to be a good citizen of this beautiful world."

Samantha Meyer PhotoAge Category: 10-13 years old

Samantha M., a 13-year old from Redding, CA, says she's a "J.K. Rowling wanna be" who "won't give up until she sees her name on the front cover of a best-seller at Barnes and Noble." Now she scribbles her writing on a scratch pad. But, she longs for a laptop because "every great author" needs one "to take along with us wherever we go." One of her favorite things to write about these days: her blue-eyed "poetic and radiant Arabian horse."

Matthew Robbins PhotoAge Category: 14-17 years old

Matthew R., 15, of Wheeling, IL, has two dreams - to become a professional football player like Brian Urlacher and to be a writer like his favorite author, Shel Silverstein. "The best part is my dreams are not exclusive," he says. "I can pursue them both at the same time. Perhaps, I'll even write about football." Meanwhile, Matthew says he'd be lost without his laptop, which helps him write what he perceives, feels and needs to say.

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