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Member Highlight – Rosemary Argus

January 17, 2013 | Alliant Credit Union

Rosemary Argus has a long history of community service in Des Plaines, IL and she currently holds the role as Executive Director for Des Plaines Community Foundation. For at least 8 years she has held this position, but she is no stranger to the Des Plaines community.

The Des Plaines Community Foundation (DPCF) is a community outreach program, giving back to the community through a number of channels.

Rosemary packs a powerful punch in the realm of community service. Whether it is scheduling necessary transportation for senior citizens to make it to doctors appointments, handing out bicycle helmets to the local youth or by supplying the Main West High School shop class students with materials to build ramps for the elderly citizens in the area.

High school students volunteer to help others in the community move out of their homes and into retirement homes and as a reward the DPCF donates to a cause the student believe in. "After Prom" is a popular cause the students appreciate raising money for. This gives the students a reward for giving back to their community, and they are able to enjoy a late night celebration with their friends in a safe environment.

Moving residents out of their houses has become nearly a routine for the DPCF, Rosemary explains. The tall boys take curtains and photos down and lift all the heavy items. Girls pack the clothes and wrap up valuables.

DPCF donates to a "Special Education Prom" as a reward for some of the students, and pizza is always a welcome reward as well.

With so many members of the community out of work or losing their homes, Rosemary believes this is an excellent way to utilize the strength of the youth. The involvement also boosts their resumes for the National Honors Society and college admission.

She is a champion at multitasking as well; she sets her smart phone full of alerts and reminders so no task or appointment is missed. The DPCF has a hotline, which goes directly to Rosemary's phone. Every voice mail is saved so not a single call is missed, any hour of the day or night.

Rosemary mentioned one of the most rewarding moments of her job is helping the children in the Des Plaines community and says, "Everything you do, people appreciate. It's so wonderful." She also loves to see the teens helping the elderly and show families that there are people who care.

When we asked Rosemary how long she had been an Alliant member, she laughed and said, "Forever." As a previous employee of United Airlines, Rosemary has shared the great experiences she has had at Alliant Credit Union with her family and friends. "My entire family and lots of my friends are members of Alliant," she expressed.

We want to send a big thank you to Rosemary for all of her continuous, outstanding efforts in the community as well as being an outstanding Alliant member.

You rock, Rosemary! 

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