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Re-Organize Your Workday

September 06, 2011 | Alliant Credit Union

In the summer, we're inside working away, while the sunshine is outside causing distractions, beckoning us to come out and play. You can't help but dread going to work or becoming a clock-watcher to get outside as fast you can to enjoy the beautiful weather. However, doing this can tend to make our workdays a bit cluttered, and unproductive. Now that summers winding down, it's the perfect time to re-organize your workday to be your most productive and get over the summer slump.

Here are tips to get your workday re-organized:

Prioritize Tasks
When your task list is going onto the second page, it's probably a good time to prioritize. You can't accomplish everything at once, so take time to identify what absolutely has to be done right away and what can wait. You can make a task list based on your priority, deadline for completion or arranged by urgent, long-term or ongoing tasks.

Schedule Accordingly
Schedule your tasks based on the time of day to be your most productive. Start your day with easier, more pleasant tasks and then move onto the more difficult tasks of the day. Your most mindless tasks should be handled after lunch with you ending the day with something that you enjoy doing so you leave on a good note.

You may not have full control over your schedule, but try to complete tasks based on the time of day when you can.

Take A Break
Take breaks even on your most hectic, busiest days. Getting away from your desk will clear your head, energize you and help you come up with new ideas or an approach to a certain challenge you're facing. You may not have time to take a full hour lunch break, but make yourself get out or away. Take a walk around the building or step out for a coffee run.

Reward Yourself
When you're having a hectic day, tackling a difficult project or reached a goal, give yourself a small reward for a job well done. It could be running out to grab a latte, taking a few minutes to chat with a colleague or going out for lunch.

Plan For Tomorrow
Make it a habit to save the last 15 or so minutes of each day to plan ahead for tomorrow. Review your calendar for meetings, straighten up your desk and go over your task list to check off anything that you've completed, where you've left off and what you need to work on tomorrow. Doing this allows you to wind down before leaving the office and helps you prepare yourself for another productive, organized day.

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