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Happy Valentine’s Day from our members

February 02, 2012 | Alliant Credit Union

At Alliant, everyday is a Valentine’s Day – a chance to provide members like you with friendly, efficient and personalized service. Here are some examples of Valentine's Day-like notes that our members sent us.

Sara Espeland

Sara Espeland
Grangeville, ID

I had a fraud claim for some weird charge and you guys fixed it all for me. Thank you for making it easy to resolve. I appreciate all your hard work.  

Karen Bader

Karen Bader's Mom
Belmont, CA

Joanna Smith was soooo good to me. Treated me like a family member. Took 20 minutes to secure a loan to take my 80-year-old mother to Paris. She's always gracious and helpful. Thank you. (Karen Bader)
Joanna Smith

Joanna Smith
Member Service Representative
San Mateo, CA

Jo Ann Ferrara Waity

Jo Ann Ferrara Waity
Mechanicsburg, PA

We always have a feeling of personal conversation with your Member Service Representatives - both in person and on the phone. It's an experience only shared via a credit union like yours that has a "we're all in this together" mindset. Thanks for great employees.  

Tyler Coyle

Tyler Coyle
Turlock, CA

I recently came into the branch at work hoping to resolve an issue with my debit card and credit cards. I believed the card numbers had become compromised and wanted new cards issued. Mike Nestor helped me with enthusiasm and professionalism that exceeded my highest expectation. I greatly appreciate Mike for his help. THANK YOU MIKE!!!
Mike Nestor

Mike Nestor
Senior Member Service Representative
Oakland, CA

Dorothy Flaherty

Dorothy Flaherty
Citrus Heights, CA

Thank you for your service. I joined the credit union and started saving my pennies as soon as soon as I graduated from design school. Now, I'm 85 and difficult to leave my house. I enjoy your online banking. When I have a problem there is always someone to help me by phone.  

Kim Johnson

Kim Johnson
Las Vegas, NV

I wish to compliment two individuals who helped me big time with some problems I had with my interactions. They are superb examples of quality staff: Mary Sawin who handled my VISA card issue and Joan Foerster who handled my IRA issue.
Mary Sawin and Joan Foerster

Mary Sawin
Plastic Card Representative
Joan Foerster
Senior IRA Representative
Chicago, IL, Headquarters

Victoria Molinelli

Victoria Molinelli
Redwood City, CA

Maritza Polk has helped me many times. When I'm nervous about an issue, she calms me down and always goes the extra mile to fulfill my requests. Unfortunately, I cannot give raises, but I can give her "a million praises" for her outstanding service.
Maritza Polk

Maritza Polk
Member Service Representative
San Francisco, CA

Ruth Bobeczko

Ruth Bobeczko
Huntington Beach, CA

Ana Munoz is so knowledgeable, helpful and kind. She explains complicated issues for me in terms I can understand. I'm always thankful when I stop by and she is on duty to help me. She's always cheerful, with a spirit I admire.
Ana Munoz

Ana Munoz
Sr. Member Service Representative
Los Angeles, CA

Andrea Sewell

Andrea Sewell
Eustis, FL

This credit union has been my main financial security and facilitator since 1962 - thru loans, cars, a house and savings. Always exceptional service and completely trustworthy. Thank you!  

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