High-Interest Checking with no monthly service fees19

Earn better-than-bank rates on your money with the Alliant High-Rate Checking account.

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The Run Down
  • Rate 4.2x the national average69
  • No monthly service fee19 or minimum balance requirements
  • Over 80,000 surcharge-free ATMs59
  • Out-of-network ATM fee rebates up to $20/month (excludes 1% Visa foreign transaction fee)19
  • Easy-to-use online banking and mobile banking app
  • Free Visa® debit card and first box of checks 
  • Courtesy Pay and Overdraft Protection19 
  • Note: Alliant does not offer business checking accounts
0.25 %
0.25 %
Earn 0.75% APY on your savings!63

That's 9.4x the national bank average!71

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Maximize your time and money

No unexpected fees

We don't charge monthly service or minimum balance fees. Standard fees, such as non-sufficient funds and check printing, do apply. Please see our simple fee schedule for a complete list.

ATM rebates

Get up to $20/month in ATM fee rebates if you use an out-of-network ATM (excludes 1% Visa foreign transaction fee). We’ll deposit rebates into your checking account at the end of each day.19

Free Visa® debit card

Receive a free Visa debit card and one free box of checks when you sign up. After the first box, you can order more checks for as low as $15 per box.

Mobile deposit

Deposit a check from virtually anywhere with the Alliant Mobile Banking app.19  It’s as easy for first-timers as it is for old pros, and no special photography skills are needed.

Features for your peace of mind

Free overdraft protection

Don’t worry about accidental overdrafts. Opt in to our overdraft protection and we’ll automatically transfer money from your Alliant savings account so you can avoid an overdraft.

Courtesy pay

With Courtesy Pay, Alliant will cover checks, electronic payments and transfers that won’t clear due to insufficient funds, helping you avoid the hassle and expense of declined transactions. There is a fee per covered item, and the overdraft balance plus fees are due within 17 days. See fee schedule

Fraud protection

We offer two-way, real-time text alerts to protect you from debit card fraud. Your debit card also comes with the Visa zero-liability guarantee.

Federally insured funds

Rest easy knowing your money is protected. The funds in your Alliant deposit accounts are federally insured up to $250,000 by the NCUA. Learn more

Checking that’s simple and smart

How to earn interest on your checking

Meet two simple requirements each month to qualify for high-interest checking. You’ll earn 4.2x the interest most banks pay.69

  1. eStatements

    Opt in to receive free eStatements rather than paper statements.

  2. One Monthly Electronic Deposit

    Have at least one monthly electronic deposit to your Alliant High-Rate Checking Account. Direct deposits, payroll deposits, ATM deposits, mobile deposits and transfers from another financial institution all count.

Once you've opted into eStatements, if there's a month when you don't make an electronic deposit, you still won't have to pay a monthly maintenance fee, you just won't qualify for high-interest checking.

High-Rate Checking Account Rates61

0.25 %
0.25 %

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Attention California residents: You can find Alliant’s California Privacy Statement, as required by the California Consumer Privacy Act, by clicking here.

High-interest checking FAQs

Does Alliant High-Rate Checking pay a dividend?

Alliant High-Rate Checking pays a monthly dividend — as long as you meet the easy requirements of having eStatements and at least one electronic deposit per month. If you do not meet the requirements for any month, your account will not receive a dividend for that month. Checking dividends are paid on the last day of each month. The checking dividend is subject to change monthly.

Will I get a Visa® debit card with my Alliant checking account?

Yes. You will receive a free Visa® contactless debit card that you can use for purchases, and for withdrawals or deposits at ATMs (deposits not accepted at all ATMs).

Are there any fees with an Alliant Checking Account?

An Alliant Checking account has no monthly maintenance fees, no minimum balance requirement and no maximum balance limit. Our 80,000+ surcharge-free ATMs and up to $20 per month in out-of-network ATM fee rebates (excludes 1% Visa foreign transaction fee) for debit card transactions make accessing your money easy. This rebate does not apply to cash advances from Alliant Visa® credit cards through ATMs or to the Alliant Savings ATM Card and Visa International Service Assessment (ISA) fees. Standard fees, such as non-sufficient funds (NSF) and check printing, do apply.

Does Alliant do a hard credit check for checking account applicants?

No. When reviewing applications, Alliant conducts a “soft credit check,” which won’t affect your credit or credit score.

Do Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay work with my checking account?

Absolutely. Your Alliant Checking Account Visa debit card is compatible with Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Learn how to enroll your debit card in your preferred mobile payment platform today.

What types of transactions are eligible for ATM fee rebates?

Deposits, withdrawals (including international withdrawals!), transfers, or balance inquiries made using an Alliant Checking or Teen Checking debit card are eligible for our ATM fee rebate, up to $20/month. International withdrawals will still have a 1% Visa foreign transaction fee. This rebate does not apply to cash advances from Alliant Visa® credit cards through ATMs or to the Alliant Savings ATM Card and Visa International Service Assessment (ISA) fees. 

Does Alliant offer Cashier’s checks?

Alliant offers an "Official Credit Union Check" that functions the same as a cashier's check. You can request an Official Credit Union Check through online banking or by calling us at 800-328-1935. Funds are deducted from your account at the time the Official Credit Union check is issued. There is no fee for the issuance of an Alliant Official Credit Union check unless you request that the check mailing be expedited, in which case you will be charged for express shipping. 

Are my account funds insured to protect me from loss?

Alliant deposit accounts are federally insured up to $250,000 by the NCUA. To learn the details of funds coverage, visit the NCUA page on the Alliant website

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