Phone banking

Call us any time at 800-328-1935! Phone banking offers toll-free automated access and personal assistance 24/7.

Phone Banking


Toll Free


Monitor transactions and deposits
Monitor transactions and deposits

Review any credit card or debit card transactions. Verify deposits and cleared checks.

Check account balances
Check account balances

Check account, credit card, and loan balances. You can also get loan account information such as available credit, payment amount, and due date.

Complete transactions
Complete transactions

Make payments, transfers, withdrawals, activate credit cards, and report lost or stolen credit cards. You can also request a stop payment on a check written from your Alliant Checking Account.

Main Menu Press 1

Checking Information Press 5
Checking Information Press 1
Recent transaction Press 2
Check number inquiry Press 3
Recently cleared checks Press 4
Stop payment on a check Press 5
Inquire on a range of checks Press 6
Account Information Press 1
Balance Inquiry Press 1
- Savings Press 1
- Checking Press 2
- Loan or credit card Press 3
- List of open accounts Press 4
- Check or savings balance on specific date Press 5
History Information Press 2
- Last deposit Press 1
- Last ACH deposit Press 2
- Recent Transactions Press 3
- Loan History Press 4
- Recent deposits Press 5
Detailed Transactions Press 6
- Cleared Checks Press 1
- ATM transactions Press 2
- ACH transactions Press 3
- Loan payments Press 4
- Debit or check card transactions Press 5
- Point of sale Transactions Press 6
Checking Information Press 2
Loan and Credit Card Information Press 3
- Loan advances of the month Press 1
- Loan information and transactions
Enter loan or press # for list of loans
Press 2
- Credit Card Information Press 3
- Loan History Press 4
Transfers Press 2
Transfer from savings to checking Press 1
Transfer from checking to savings Press 2
Member to member transfer

System will list available accounts to transfer from, then enter account number to transfer to or press # for list of preauthorized accounts

Press 3
Loan or credit card transfer Press 4
Withdrawals Press 3
To process a withdrawal Press 1
Loan advances Press 2
Other Servicers Press 4
Year to date information Press 1
IRA information Press 1
Dividends and Interest Press 2
Check card utilities Press 2
Activate Check or Debit card Press 1
Block Check or Debit card Press 2
Change Alliant Phone Banking PIN Press 3

3 Ways to Connect

Call us toll-free and get the help you need using one of three methods:

  • Voice commands
  • Speech-enabled menus
  • Automated telephone banking

How Phone Banking Works

  1. Call the phone banking number from any touchtone or cellular phone.
  2. Provide your Alliant Member Number and your Alliant Phone Banking PIN. If you don’t know your phone banking PIN, or you would like to change it, you can manage it easily by logging in to online banking or by speaking with an Alliant Member Service Representative by calling (800) 328-1935 (24/7).
  3. Listen to the audio prompts and make your selections.
  4. Phone banking is free to use for all Alliant members.

773-462-2000 or 800-328-1935.