Customized approach to Commercial Real Estate Lending

Competitive nationwide solutions from Alliant

The Run Down
  • Flexibility to reduce or eliminate recourse
  • Earn-outs at stated and committed rates
  • Initial interest-only periods available for qualifying loans
  • Rate adjustment spreads committed up-front
  • No deposit relationships required (beyond escrows or reserves)
  • Longer available loan terms: up to 15 years
  • Higher target transaction range: $7.5MM - $35.0MM
  • Will close larger transactions of up to $35MM without need to syndicate or participate
  • Step down prepayment structures – no defeasance or yield maintenance requirements
  • Par Lender

Asset Types

We provide commercial real estate loans to a variety of property types, specializing in investment properties.

Multifamily Industrial Buildings Office Retail
Market Rate Warehouse CBD Neighborhood strip centers
Student Flex Suburban Anchored community and regional centers
Partially Subsidized Single tenanted (owner-occupied and investment)    


Self Storage Manufactured Housing Communities Hospitality Parking Structures
Fenced and gated, single storied Age-restricted communities Flagged, limited service Surface (airport ancillary)
Climate controlled, multi-storied Family parks Boutique, destination-driven Structured (CBD-located)

What you'll get

Timely Response

Commercial real estate loans are usually closed within 60-90 days. All decision processes are completed at Alliant.

Competitive Rates & Flexible Terms

Alliant is a not-for-profit credit union, so we are able to offer very competitive rates and flexible terms for commercial real estate loans.

Portfolio Lender

We service our own loans, so you don't have to work through a third-party servicer.

Ready to Get Started?

To further explore your financing needs, we’ll connect you with an experienced commercial mortgage broker who is knowledgable about the types of commercial real estate loans Alliant offers.


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