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How do I add an account in the Budget and Planning Tool?

Follow these steps on how to add an account:

  • Click the "ADD" button in your left sidebar.
  • Enter your financial institution's name into the search box. Check the URL associated with the institution to make sure it is where you normally access your account(s).
  • Enter your login information exactly as you would when logging in to your financial institution directly and click "CONNECT."
  • Classify your account(s) by type.
    • If the specific account type is not listed, choose the closest choice
    • Input a custom account name if desired (this can also be edited from the Dashboard later).
    • If an account is listed that has already uploaded automatically, or you see an account you don't wish to import, you may choose to "Ignore this account." Then click "SAVE."
  • Wait several moments for your account(s) to upload. More than one account may result in a longer load time.
  • If you receive an error message:
    • First check that your login credentials are correct and are still working directly on the institution's website.
    • If you are still unable to add your account, please contact support. Be sure to provide the following information:
      • The name of the financial institution you are trying to add
      • The website (URL) used to access the account directly
      • Also leave the partially-added attempt on the Dashboard as this is necessary for troubleshooting.

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