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How do I create a goal in the Alliant Budget and Planning Tool?

Follow these steps to create a goal:

  1. Click on "Goals" at the top of the page.
  2. Click the "ADD A GOAL" button.
  3. Choose between a payoff or savings goal.
  4. Choose which account you'd like the goal to be associated with and at what balance it will be complete. Remember you can link to external accounts if you've previously added them to Alliant Money Management and Budgeting Tool.
  5. Choose the date you want to have this goal completed, or how much you are able to save each month — this option will calculate a due date for you.
  6. Use the "How much do I have available to spend?" link to view your outstanding income and expenses.
  7. Choose whether or not to "lock" a certain balance in your account.
  8. Click "CREATE GOAL."

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