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80th Anniversary Contest Winners

80th Anniversary
March 29, 2016

By Alissa Green

As part of our 80th anniversary year celebration, we asked members to help us envision Alliant’s future 80 years from today. What would Alliant look like? What types of new digital products would we offer? The possibilities were endless.

In response, we received nearly 300 smart, thoughtful entries. Ultimately, we choose our winners based on three categories: overall creativity, connection to Alliant and clarity of writing.

Check out their futuristic visions of Alliant below, along with our artist’s illustration of their idea. Enjoy!

1. Joe Laforet

“Alliant will provide an app that when you open it will access your account by scanning your retina and loading all your account info. It will bypass the need for passwords.” 

80th Anniversary Contest winners

2. Wilda Squires 

“I imagine that all Alliant activities will be accomplished telepathically via an easily implanted, under-the-skin microchip. If one wishes to make a deposit, one simply thinks the deposit (amount and source) and it is instantly completed. If one wishes to make a loan, the mere thought of the amount, use, term, etc. and the loan is quickly completed. No checks, applications nor ATM cards. A simple thought and your transaction is complete!!”

80th Anniversary Winner 2

3. Emma Wallace

“I think that Alliant's headquarters will be located on Jupiter. ‘What about Mars?’ you say. Well, Alliant is always going above and beyond to exceed expectations and goals, so I assume that in 80 years, they will have established a well-oiled corporate machine on the planet Jupiter. Mars is just too mainstream.”

80th Anniversary Winner 3

Alissa Green is the Digital Marketing Manager at Alliant. She has 10+ years experience writing/blogging and has written for Jezebel, The Onion,, and amongst other sites. The best piece of financial advice she’s gotten was from her mother, who says one should never try to beat the market (thanks, mom!). In her spare time, you can find Alissa enjoying the local comedy scene, exploring different Chicago neighborhoods, supporting the Chicago Humanities Festival and reading up on FinTech.

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