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Alliant Phone Banking: Speech recognition for faster service

March 28, 2015

By Alliant Credit Union

Hands-free…no more fumbling with your phone keypad

Alliant’s new phone banking system with speech recognition and streamlined self-service menus has launched! Now, when you call Alliant, you can speak your login, menu options and transactions instead of inputting them using your phone keypad, saving you time and enabling you to bank “hands-free.”1 
To develop and refine the simplified menus for our new system, we conducted two waves of testing with groups of members. Their feedback was incorporated and has improved the phone banking experience for all of our members.
The new voice options and menus make it easier and faster to complete transactions via phone. And they let you multitask more easily. Want to know how much you have in your savings account while you’re making dinner? No problem…you can talk your way through the system while dressing your salad or setting the table. 

  • Spoken commands. The new phone banking system enables you to use spoken commands to complete transactions like checking your balance, transferring funds or making a payment. When you say a command like “check my balance” or “transfer money,” the system offers you options related to that specific type of transaction. You just answer with the appropriate account type or amount in response to the prompts.
  • Shorter, customized menus. We’ve simplified our menu structure with shorter, more direct paths to the transactions you are making. And the menu options you are offered in the new phone banking system are customized for you. No more listening to a comprehensive list of account types before getting to the one you want: You’ll only hear a list of the accounts that you already have.
  • Streamlined identity authentication. In the past, if members banking via touchtone wanted to talk to a Member Service Representative, they had to re-authenticate. In the new system, for most transactions, their initial authentication will be the only one required.

Don't worry.  We're here to help.

  • Member Service Representatives. If you don’t know your member number or don’t yet have a phone banking PIN, don’t worry. Our Member Service Representatives will still be able to take care of you and help get you set up to take advantage of the new phone banking system on your next call.   
  • Menu prompts to help you. If you’ve been a frequent caller into our old SST phone system, be sure to listen to the new prompts, as menu options have changed. We’re confident that you will quickly become comfortable with the new menus, as they are simplified from the old system and reflect feedback that we received from frequent SST users who were part of our two testing panels.  
  • Quick Reference Guide. We built our new phone banking system to be intuitive and easy to use, but if you want to have a roadmap on hand when you call in, we’ve posted a Quick Reference Guide on our website.
  • Future enhancements. If you have a great idea for how we can further enhance Alliant Phone Banking, please let us know. You can send us suggestions via the Feedback form on our website.


Tips & Tricks for Phone Banking

Speech recognition:
Speak slowly and clearly when using the speech recognition system. If you speak too quietly or too quickly, the system may have not be able to clearly understand your request, especially if there are voices and noise in the background. A short phrase summarizing the transaction you want to make is sometimes more easily recognized than a long, drawn out sentence. If you say “balance on savings account,” for example, you are more likely to get to the correct transaction options than if you say a more meandering “Um, I want to hear what my balance is for my savings account.”

Touchtone banking:
If you prefer to use touchtone banking (formerly called SST), you can press the star key on your phone keyboard to enter the touchtone banking system. Please keep in mind that when you select the touchtone banking option, you are exiting out of the new voice recognition system, so you can no longer speak your login or transaction information. After you have selected the touchtone banking option, the rest of your login and transaction input must be done using your phone keypad.

Reach a representative:
If you want to completely bypass the automated speech recognition system, just say “agent” or “operator” to be connected with a live Member Service Representative.