Avengers Assemble to activate (my bonus Alliant Rewards points)

May 12, 2015

By Pam Leibfried

Avengers Assemble to activate (my bonus Alliant Rewards points)

I just earned over 1,000 Alliant Rewards points on my Alliant Visa Platinum Rewards credit card account by clicking a single button on the Alliant Rewards website. How? I found and activated a bonus points offer from the AMC movie theater chain before I geeked out at an opening night IMAX 3D double feature of Avengers I & II. I can redeem those points for travel, hotel, car rentals, event tickets, gift cards or Cash Back.1

Instead of the usual one point per dollar spent, the AMC offer earned me 15 points for every dollar I spent seeing the Avengers. And every time I go back to AMC through June 1, I’ll earn points at that rate when I use my Alliant Visa.

Activating the offer was easy. All I had to do was click on the “Activate” button on the Alliant Rewards site. The points are awarded to my account automatically when I pay AMC using my Alliant Platinum Rewards credit card. If I redeem those points for Cash Back, it’s the equivalent of a 15% discount on my tickets, popcorn and drinks, all for a single mouse click!

Bonus tip: For the AMC offer, if you have an AMC Stubs loyalty card, you can earn both Stubs points AND Alliant Rewards points. For my Avengers night out, my best friend racked up Stubs points while I earned points for the same ticket, popcorn and drink purchases.

Future offers highlighted

I’ve had my Alliant Visa Platinum Rewards credit card for a while now, but I’m sort of embarrassed to admit that I never really checked out the special offers that are available on the Alliant Rewards website. Although I’m glad I explored the site in time to activate the AMC discount for the Avengers release, I’m kicking myself as I sit here thinking that I’ve probably missed a bunch of other great bonus offers from my favorite venues or stores. I won’t miss them again, though, as I’ve signed up for email notifications of special Rewards point offers (see below). I’ll write about some of them here, so watch for future blog posts about other points promotions and tips on how to save more and earn more with your Platinum Rewards card.


You can subscribe – and customize your offers! 

On the Preferences tab of the Alliant Rewards site, you can opt to receive email notifications about special point offers. And the emails can be customized so you only get news about the types of retailers you use (food & drink, travel, fashion, sports, pets, home & garden, etc.). Sign up today so you won’t miss great, timely offers like the current AMC points or the Mother’s Day florist promotions that just ended.

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