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4/17/20  Alliant News
Ensuring you receive your coronavirus stimulus check

Most Americans will be receiving government stimulus checks in the coming weeks as part of the CARES Act benefits package. Learn how to make sure you receive your payment.

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4/6/20  Alliant News
How the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package can benefit you

$2 trillion is set to disperse to individuals, families and businesses throughout the United States in the coming weeks. Learn more about how the CARES Act can help you.

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3/23/20  Alliant NewsUp Your Security IQ
Detecting the signs of financial scams during COVID-19

Learn the signs of potential financial scams that prey on innocent Americans during times of crisis.  

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3/17/20  Alliant News
Preserving your financial health during the coronavirus pandemic

Take a look at what Fed rate drops really mean for you and your money, and learn how your credit union or bank is here to help. 

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11/7/19  Alliant NewsSmart Spending Tips
Tired of paying ATM fees? Alliant offers ATM Rebates!

All checking accounts are not created equal. Monthly maintenance fees for bank checking accounts can really add up, and fees for using ATMs are going up at many banks. Learn how you can save money by eliminating these fees with an Alliant checking account with ATM rebates. 

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5/23/19  Alliant NewsUp Your Security IQ
How to use automated alerts to protect yourself from fraud

Learn about how one of our bloggers uses two-factor authentication, Alliant fraud alerts and other security protections offered to Alliant members to protect her financial accounts from fraud after her personal information was part of a major data breach.    

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