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10/21/14  Alliant NewsGetting Out of DebtHousingSmart Spending Tips
Prepay your Alliant mortgage for a larger 2014 tax deduction

If you have an Alliant mortgage, you may be able to increase your 2014 mortgage interest deduction* by prepaying your January 2015 mortgage payment. Your January payment must be received by Alliant by Monday, December 22, 2014. (*Consult a tax advisor about the deductibility of interest.)

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9/25/14  Credit 101Getting Out of DebtSmart Spending Tips
Controlling your “bad” debt

Learn what personal finance experts consider to be "good" and "bad" debt, and get some tips on how you can get your spending under control and reduce your bad debt. 

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9/2/14  Credit 101Getting Out of DebtSavings & Retirement
Recent college grads: Earn an A+ in handling your finances

Most students graduate from college without a money management course. Once they enter the “real world,” it’s time for them to master their finances and get smart about handling financial challenges. Here are some pointers to help young grads on the road to economic well-being. 

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5/9/14  Career & EducationCredit 101Getting Out of DebtSmart Spending Tips
High School Students: Tips for Paying for College

Are you a high school student looking forward to attending college? Here are some tips from NerdWallet to help you pay for your upcoming college costs.

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1/16/14  Credit 101Getting Out of Debt
Kids and money: The ABCs of debt

For our young members with Kids Savings Accounts: Learn what it means when people talk about "debt" or borrowing money. 

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