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10/29/14  Grab Bag
Estate Planning Basics

Having an estate plan will give your family a financial outline after you pass away or become disabled. Although there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” estate plan, learning what an estate plan entails may help you decide how to proceed to create yours.

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10/1/14  Grab Bag
Does money buy happiness?

Money makes you happier – or does it? Evaluate the research and learn how to get the most happiness from your dollars.

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8/1/14  Grab Bag
Kids: Here’s how to get ready for the next school year

Do you have a young child headed back to school this fall? Then pass along these tips to help prepare today for the school days ahead.

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7/29/14  Grab Bag
How popular is your Social Security Number?

Learn about the history of social security numbers, and the story of one number that is commonly considered to be the most popular social security number ever: it has been used by 40,000 people! 

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6/1/14  Alliant NewsGrab Bag
What’s your style: banking via a branch, online or both?

How financial institutions compete to provide services to satisfy you, whether you prefer to bank via computer, mobile banking or brick-and-mortar branches.

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4/1/14  Grab Bag
What factors determine your auto insurance rate?

Auto insurers price your policy according to how likely you are to cause a costly claim against them. Learn the factors they consider and how to save on your premiums.

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