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5/21/15  Housing
Will your offer on a home be accepted? Financing matters.

When you compete for a home against other bidders, the seller is considering more than just how much you'll pay – particularly when several offers come in at roughly the same price.

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5/7/15  Housing
The benefits of a preapproval letter

Before you start shopping for a home, learn about the benefits of a mortgage preapproval from Redfin's Dan Bergman.

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4/20/15  HousingSmart Spending Tips
Be on the lookout for springtime home repair scams

Eager to begin home improvement projects? Beware of home contractors who do shoddy work, offer too-good-to-be-true deals and could cheat you out of thousands of dollars. Here are tips to avoid home repair scammers.

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2/15/15  Housing
Starting veggies from seeds to transplant in your garden

An easy way to increase the savings realized from your gardening hobby is to start your own plants from seeds instead of buying plants at the local garden center or from a garden/seed catalog. Get some tips on container, soil, lighting and watering needs to start your own seedlings successfully. 

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10/21/14  Housing
Preparing your home for winter

Now that it’s almost November, it’s time to get serious about preparing your home for the winter weather that is to come. We review a few steps you should take in the coming weeks to protect your home from winter damage and ensure that you and your family stay snug and warm until spring.

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10/21/14  Housing
What do home inspectors most typically find?

Learn more about two of the problems most commonly found by home inspectors – wiring problems and water damage. In order to avoid delays in finalizing the sale of your home, you may want to address these issues before putting your house on the market.

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