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2/16/15  Housing
Home prices barometer

U.S. home sale prices in December continued a 34-month trend in year-over-year increases, with December 2014 prices showing an increase of 5.0% nationwide compared to December 2013, according to the CoreLogic Home Price Index. 

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2/15/15  Housing
Starting veggies from seeds to transplant in your garden

An easy way to increase the savings realized from your gardening hobby is to start your own plants from seeds instead of buying plants at the local garden center or from a garden/seed catalog. Get some tips on container, soil, lighting and watering needs to start your own seedlings successfully. 

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2/14/15  Housing
Make your backyard into a five-star hotel for birds

February is National Bird Feeding Month. Learn about the three fundamental things the birds in your back yard need most: water, food and shelter.

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1/21/15  Grab BagHousing
The Top 10 Items Your Family Needs for an Emergency Evacuation

It is important for your family to have a plan ironed out in the event of an emergency. Disaster recovery and emergency management expert Bill Bedsole shares tips on what is most important when planning for emergency and evacuation circumstances.

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12/17/14  Housing
How to de-ice your sidewalk and drive without de-foresting your lawn

Learn tips on keeping your driveway and sidewalks free of ice this winter while protecting your lawn from being killed by de-icers in the process. 

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12/16/14  Housing
What color should you paint your bedroom for a good night’s sleep

The color of your bedroom has a lot to do with the quality of your sleep, according to a recent study. Find out which colors are best for a night full of refreshing zzz’s. 

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