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3/25/15  Smart Spending Tips
Should you rent or buy a musical instrument for your budding prodigy?

Learn about some of the factors you should consider when your child wants to learn an instrument and you have to decide whether you should rent or purchase one. 

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12/1/14  Credit 101Smart Spending TipsUp Your Security IQ
The best way to pay for a rental car: Credit card or debit card?

Not long ago there was just one way you could pay for a rental car – by credit card. Now, many car rental agencies let you book and pay for a car with a debit card. What are the pros and cons of using each kind of card? And which method of payment makes sense for you?

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11/26/14  Smart Spending Tips
Skip the Black Friday doorbusters – give gift cards instead

Although Black Friday deals can be nice, if you’d like to stay home this year but still want to give gifts your family and friends will value, consider gift cards, and keep in mind that the packaging can make or break a gift card as a present.

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11/20/14  Savings & RetirementSmart Spending Tips
Five common retirement planning blunders – and how to avoid them

The time to plan or fine-tune your plan to ensure a comfortable retirement is now. Learn about five of the most common mistakes people make when planning for their retirements. 

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10/1/14  Smart Spending Tips
Is going to a movie worth the price?

People still flock to movie theaters despite all the options to watch movies in the comfort of home. What’s the allure of seeing a flick at the theater, and is it worth the price of admission?

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9/25/14  Credit 101Getting Out of DebtSmart Spending Tips
Controlling your “bad” debt

Learn what personal finance experts consider to be "good" and "bad" debt, and get some tips on how you can get your spending under control and reduce your bad debt. 

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