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Flat Austin visits Alliant for National Youth Credit Union Month

April 07, 2015

By Pam Leibfried

April is National Youth Credit Union Month!

If you have kids – or even if you’re like me and only have nieces and nephews – you’ve undoubtedly participated in a school project related to Jeff Brown’s Flat Stanley books. My nephew Austin’s third grade Social Studies class in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, is doing a Flat Stanley project, and “Flat Austin” visited me and came to work with me at Alliant.

flat-austin-at-Alliant   flat-austin-visits-alliant-3d
Here I am with Flat Austin as a jet lands behind us (left), and with 3D Austin – a redhead just like his flat counterpart – on his ninth birthday.

Some of you probably already know that Alliant is headquartered near O’Hare International Airport, but you may not know that the road to our back entrance runs parallel to an O’Hare runway. Flat Austin and I went out back to watch jets land, and my coworker Forest Hanson took pictures as jets landed right behind us. Although Flat Austin said it was cool to watch the jets landing, he also thought that the jet engines were very, very loud.

Flat Austin in Alliant’s back driveway as planes land at O’Hare International Airport.

After we watched jets land and take off for a while, Flat Austin came inside the credit union and met with Alliant’s Chicago branch manager, Edna. She was happy to meet with Flat Austin because her own children love the Flat Stanley books so much.
After Edna gave Flat Austin a cool coloring and activity book about saving money, she talked to him about Alliant Kids Savings Accounts for children age 12 and under. Flat Austin asked Edna why he couldn’t just keep all his money in the piggy bank in his room. Edna told him this: “Even though piggy banks are a great start and a good way to save your coins and small amounts of money, it would be even smarter for you to open a savings account at a credit union or bank.”

Flat Austin met with Alliant’s Chicago branch manager to learn about savings accounts.

With a savings account, Flat Austin’s money would be in a safe, insured place – he would no longer have to worry about his brothers or sisters breaking into his piggy bank! And the money that Flat Austin has already saved up and put into his savings account can make even more money for him by earning interest. Flat Austin didn’t know what interest is, so Edna explained: “Interest is what a bank pays you for letting them keep your money for you. If you joined Alliant and opened a Kids Savings Account with more than $100 in it, you would earn money on that account.”

After he met with Edna, Flat Austin told me that he has been a very good saver, so he does have more than $100 saved. He gets an allowance from his parents, and he has been putting half of his allowance into his piggy bank every week. Plus, his grandma and grandpa give him money for his birthday every year, and he saves that money too. If Flat Austin opens a savings account and keeps saving at that rate, he could have enough money to buy his own car by the time he gets his driver’s license!