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“In 2015, I resolve to….” (Resolutions from Alliant members and employees)

December 30, 2014

By Paul Brucker

New Year’s has become a time to reflect and consider what (if anything) you’d like to change about your life – mentally, physically, spiritually and financially. About 40% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions according to Forbes.

For tips to achieve resolutions, read our blog post, 10 ways to really keep your New Year’s Resolutions. Meanwhile, this sampling of resolutions from Alliant members and employees may inspire you in creatiing your own resolutions.

“My New Year’s Resolution is to get more sleep. I believe that by improving my sleeping habits, I will achieve great stability and balance in my daily life functions. These improvements will decrease the amount of stress, improve my immune system, boost my mood and mental clarity (which allows me to stay “sharp”), and control my weight. This is an awesome way to gain a great return without a lot of effort.”

Nicholas Goldie
Member Benefit Specialist
Alliant O’Hare Airport Branch

“I resolve to meet with a financial consultant about retirement planning, including a potential 401(k) rollover. I resolve not to cancel or postpone such an appointment again.”

Gary Price
Alliant member
Westminster, CO

“My New Year’s Resolution for 2015 is to travel more.”

Tanya Cole
Relationship Advisor
Alliant Chicago Branch

“After pondering the thought of a new year approaching and the challenges that lie ahead, I asked myself this simple question that many great people have asked before: “Will this be the year?” The year to challenge myself to do something I’ve never done before, eat some exotic food, jump out of an airplane or spend more time with family and friends. Whatever it is and however I achieve this challenge to myself, I look forward to expanding my experiences and enjoying every minute of it. Live long and prosper!”

Forest Hanson
Creative Manager
Alliant Headquarters, Chicago

“I have one major resolution and that is to get my Visa bill paid off before 2016. I would also like (as everyone else does) to get more exercise and lay off the White Castles! I do resolve to continue smiling – it is contagious.”

Ray Fiedler
Alliant member
Algonquin, IL

“My New Year’s Resolution is to accomplish tasks that fell by the wayside. Life goes by and sometimes things you’d really like to do, whether it’s learning something new or getting back into a hobby, don’t happen. In 2015, I’m going full steam ahead and making it happen.”

Danielle Snowden
Supervisor, Member Benefits
Alliant Headquarters II, Chicago

“My New Year’s Resolution is to be happy, healthy and the best person I can be in 2015. I want to be the best wife, sister, aunt and friend for the amazing people in my life. Lastly, I want to be the best employee I can be for Alliant Credit Union.”

Sandra Rogers
Member Relationship Advisor
Alliant Headquarters II, Chicago

“My resolution is to stick to my budget, pay off credit card debt ($9k) and incur no more debt! P.S. I love my Alliant Credit Union!"

Joyce Holman
Alliant member
Tualatin, OR

“The past several years, I have been working with a nutritionist to better my diet and change my eating habits so I can lose weight and get healthy. Over the past two years, I have lost 75 pounds, and I am 10 pounds away from my goal. My resolution for this year is to start a body shaping class to get more toned and get to my target weight goal. If I can get to my target goal by the end of this coming year, I have promised myself a two-week vacation in China.”

Robert Elliott
Branch Manager
Alliant Denver Branch

“My New Year’s Resolution is to start increasing my contributions toward my retirement.”

Bruce Nault II
Alliant member
Kingwood, TX

“I would like to go back to college and finish my degree in the medical field or special education teaching.”

Alicia Bonilla
Member Benefits Specialist
Alliant Houston Branch

“For 2015, I am setting goals rather than resolutions. We often set a resolution and by February we give up on it, especially if it has to do with weight loss. One of my goals for 2015 is to stop procrastinating, I worked on a Project Management certificate for over six months, but since then I have logged on to do additional work only twice. Good thing it’s an 18-month class.

“Another goal is to take my catering to a whole new level. I plan to polish my skills by taking cooking classes on weekends. (I am originally from Ghana, West Africa, and I cater mostly Ghanaian and some other African dishes.)

“Another goal is to start a non-profit organization feeding homeless kids. I have no idea how to start this, but I will align myself with people and organizations that do this. The idea was born in me when I witnessed a restaurant throwing away freshly baked bread. They threw the bread away because it was closing time, they had no more customers to serve and employees are not allowed to take any leftovers home. I thought about all the people, especially the kids, who go to bed hungry. I started thinking about all the restaurants around here who throw food away – food that could be delivered to the homeless. It only starts with one person willing to make a difference and do something for these hungry people. In 2015 that person will be me.”

Vanessa Elegba
Branch Manager
Alliant Houston Branch

“I have four New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. Stay in touch with family and old friends. Since I started college this year, it has been harder to stay in contact with them. So I am going to pick a day and a time once a week to call family members and friends.
  2. Get involved in school. This year I started college. It was a scary transition but I went through it and am getting used to living on my own and dealing with adult responsibilities. I was scared at first to join anything because I wanted to make sure I had enough time to focus on my studies without distractions. I am going to join something that has to do with theater or acting – that is something I really enjoy.
  3. Reduce stress. I easily get stressed out about certain things. As a college freshman with four classes, one of my biggest triggers is all the assignments, papers, test, labs, etc., that I have to get done. I have to break it down and tell myself what things I have to get done first and in what order. This year, I resolve to take breaks and stop what I am doing for a little bit so I can come back to the task feeling fresh, with renewed determined to get the job done.
  4. Volunteer at a hospital. My major in college is nursing, so volunteering in a hospital would be a great benefit to me. It will give me a chance to experience what I would be doing in my field and decide if this is the career I really want to do for the rest of my life.”

Dominique Giraud
Alliant member
Itasca, IL

Resolutions from Members Circle staff to you…

"As a writer and editor of the Members Circle newsletter, I resolve to provide members and prospective members with news they can use and reader-friendly, informative articles that will help them to understand financial issues and achieve financial well-being."

Paul Brucker
Senior Marketing Communications Specialist
Alliant Headquarters, Chicago

“My personal financial resolution is to meet with an Alliant financial consultant to research the options available for the 401(k) from my previous employer.

“My resolution for Alliant is that we will increase the frequency of posts to Alliant’s blog. We’ve been averaging around 12 posts per month since the new blog launched in April, and we will bump that number up to an average of 16 posts per month in 2015.”

Pam Leibfried
Manager, Content Development
Alliant Headquarters, Chicago