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Introducing the winners of the #IAmAlliant social media contest

The I Am Alliant contest asked users how Alliant Credit Union has done more for them and their money.
October 22, 2015

By Allison Videtti

We’re excited to announce the winners of our #IAmAlliant social media contest. We asked you to tell us how we’ve done more for you and your money, and we received more than 1,000 entries via Twitter and Facebook. 

Drumroll, please…

Grand Prize: Celina Castro

Celina’s entry into the #IAmAlliant contest was short, sweet and to the point: Alliant has done more for her by being  convenient. The Chicago resident has been a member of Alliant since 2013, when she moved to the U.S. from the Philippines. 

“Back then, it was hard for me to open an account because I just moved here,” she says. Most banks wanted her to maintain at least a $1,500 balance in order to open an account, which she couldn’t swing at the time.

“Alliant is right there to serve you,” Celina says — and we’re so glad to hear it. 

Second Prize: Lenore Cobbs

Lenore, a mother and grandmother, says she’s #IAmAlliant because Alliant helped her consolidate her credit cards, which enabled her to make a dent in her debt and improve her credit score. The San Francisco resident purchased her first car in 2004 with Alliant’s help, and is now looking forward to even bigger things.

“Currently, I am working towards becoming a homeowner for the very first time. Thanks to Alliant, this might become a blessed reality for me. My life has not always been easy, but through hard work and determination, I’m finally able to see the benefits of my hard work,” says Lenore.

Third Prize: Sandra Taylor

Sandra, who recently retired from the University of Texas at Austin, became an Alliant member when she was shopping for a motorhome loan. 

“We found an older motor home that was in excellent condition and perfect for our needs. Unfortunately, it was older than the 10 years that most banks and credit unions will make loans on. Alliant stepped in and gave us a loan at a fantastic interest rate with no down payment,” Sandra says. She and her husband were able to use their motorhome to take a nine week trip up the West Coast this summer.

“It was the trip of a lifetime —visiting 10 states, 8 national parks and 45 friends/family that we hadn’t seen in years. We would not have been able to make this awesome trip without Alliant giving us a great loan.”

We learned so much about our members through this promotion:

You love our auto loans and better-than-bank rates. “Alliant helped me purchase my first new vehicle with an amazingly LOW interest rate. As a student finishing my undergrad and about to get my degree, it was important for me to have a low rate - especially entering the job market and with student loans. I am so glad that my parents are both members of Alliant Credit Union, so I could have the same advantages of being part of this great community!” — Alison LeBlanc

Many of you have been members since you were kids! “I started out with an Alliant debit card and savings account when I went off to college. I progressed to a credit card when I had a salary and started using those rewards points to travel home to see my family. Alliant helped me get started on the mortgage process… Alliant has been there for me financially every step of the way over the past 17 years… I still have the well-worn, much loved checkbook and ledger that I still use today… here’s to another 2 decades of great customer service and stress-free banking!” — Michelle Colman

Both new and lifelong members really appreciate our stellar customer service (and so do we — they’re great!). “I am a new Alliant member and they really helped me out with settling my mom’s estate. She was a member and had some accounts with Alliant. The customer service was very sympathetic and helpful… I think Alliant is the best credit union of its time.” — Gary Hegg

Finally, you also appreciate the financial education and human touch that Alliant delivers: “A friendship that promotes my financial well-being.” — Shawn Knutson

We always appreciate hearing from our members. Thanks to everyone who entered for sharing your stories with us, and congrats to our winners! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, and be on the lookout for our next social promotion. You can view more entries into the #IAmAlliant contest by logging into Facebook and clicking here.

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