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Kids: Here’s how to get ready for the next school year

August 01, 2014

By Paul Brucker

Ready or not, the new school year is coming up. Now is a great time to enjoy the last days of your summer vacation. Meanwhile, it’s also the right time to make sure you’ll be good and ready for school once it starts. Here are seven actions to help you prepare.

1) Give your brain a kick start. If you haven’t been reading and writing during the summer, why not make some time for that now? Find a good book about something that interests you and spend 20 minutes a day enjoying it. Also, try your hand at writing. You can write in a journal about what you did during the day or over the summer. Or write letters to family or friends that live far away. Or write about something you really like to think about. Getting into the habit of reading and writing now will make it easier for you to tackle your school reading and writing assignments.

2) Shop for what you need. Many schools will send you or your parents a list of supplies you’ll need, such as notebooks, paper, pens and more. Help your parents shop for these things and get ones that you like and think are cool.

3) Create a great space for doing homework. Clear an area where you will be able to study and do your homework in quiet and in good lighting. Prepare a space where you can organize all your homework and school things so they are easy to reach and use. Add a paper tray to save important and special papers.

4) Clean up your act and your room. You don’t have to be a neat freak to make your room a pleasant place free of stuff that gets in your way. Start now and get rid of clutter, such as broken toys and clothes that no longer fit. Organize your closets and drawers so that it’s easy to find what you want when you want it.

5) Get ready to get enough zzzzzz’s. During the summer, you might get used to going to sleep and waking up later than you do during the school year. When school begins, it’s important to go to sleep at a regular time and early enough so you will wake up well rested. Choose a wake-up time that gives you plenty of time to comfortably do what you need to do before you leave for school. A week before school begins, start practicing. Go to bed at the right time and set your alarm clock for when you plan to get up for school days.

6) Decide what activities you want to do after school. Kids who are involved in after-school activities often get better grades, have better friendships and are happier. Think about what groups or things interest you or are fun. Some ideas are sports, drama, scouts, music, art or dance. You may be able to join a group or class at school or your local recreation center. Just be sure you don’t try to do too much. You want to make sure you also have enough time and energy to do well at your school work.

7) Get set with a positive mindset. Think about what you want to learn and accomplish in school this year. Feel good about what you did well the year before, such as the time you aced that history or math test. If you have concerns or fears about the upcoming school year, then talk about them with someone you feel comfortable with and trust, such as a parent, brother, sister or good friend. It’s natural for some kids to feel a bit nervous about the school year ahead. Talking about how you feel can help. And lots of times, unpleasant feelings go away once kids get back into the swing of school life.

8) Take some time out for yourself. Getting ready for school doesn’t mean all work and no play. Make sure you enjoy the rest of your summer. Take some time to take it easy. Do some things you really like. And spend some time just loafing.

Good luck in school this year!

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