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Meet the winners of Alliant’s Mobile Check Deposit “Selfie” Giveaway contest

July 07, 2014

By Paul Brucker

Every week, more Alliant members use the Alliant Mobile Banking App to deposit their checks via their phone or tablet. Mobile check deposit is fast, easy and secure. Plus, it enables you to make your deposits right away, anywhere, anytime – without having to visit a branch or ATM. If you can snap a picture with your mobile device, then you have all the skills needed to deposit your checks with our app.

To encourage members to try our mobile app, Alliant rewarded four lucky members with bonus deposits for taking “selfies” of their checks. Here are the winners:


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Grand prize winner: $500

Mark Appleby of Chicago deposited a check into his Alliant account and wanted fast confirmation that it cleared. So he took the advice of his friend, another Alliant member, and tried out our mobile banking app. The process worked without a hitch, and he got the answer he wanted  instantly! That was seven months ago when Mark became injured and was looking for an easier way to do his banking. Now he relies on Alliant Mobile Banking to deposit checks. “I like it,” Mark says. “You just have to follow the app’s easy-to-follow instructions on the mobile phone screen and you get confirmation that your check is accepted.” Mark joined Alliant in 2001 when he became a flight attendant, based in Savannah, GA, for United Express. He has relied on Alliant for several personal loans. His most recent job was in a store at O’Hare International Airport that provides spare parts for airplanes.

Genevieve Charet

Weekly winner: $250

Genevieve Charet of Chicago works as a publication assistant for a nonprofit and joined Alliant a few years ago. “That was shortly after my mega-bank told me they were going to start charging me fees for the ‘privilege’ of having an account there,” she says. “I knew I wanted a credit union and Alliant had such a solid online reputation,” she adds. What does Genevieve like best about Alliant mobile banking? “It’s fast, and my money is credited to me as quickly as possible,” she says. “The moment I got a smartphone, I installed the app and felt completely comfortable with the process. It took almost no time to learn how to do it.” What advice does she have for people reluctant to try mobile check deposit? “I think it sounds harder than it is,” she says. “I say make yourself try it once. I can’t imagine giving this a go and then going back to conventional check deposits.” Genevieve’s financial goals are “to be debt free, live well within my means and sock the rest of my money away.” She used her contest winnings to pay down credit card debt.

Praveen Kudithpudi

Weekly winner: $250

Praveen Kudithpudi of Fremont, CA, works as a business manager at a large financial institution. He joined Alliant in late May and in that same week became one of our lucky winners. “It was a pleasant surprise,” he says. Since joining the credit union, he’s used his mobile phone to make all his deposits. “I am very comfortable with Alliant’s remote deposit capture capability,” he says. “The deposit process is easy and intuitive. For people who are worried about whether the data is collected and transmitted securely, I say that not only is the check information encrypted, but it is also never stored on your phone. So you needn’t worry about images of your checks ending up in an Instagram feed.” Where did Praveen’s winnings end up? “The money went straight into my savings account to help build my nest egg and rainy day funds,” he says.

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Weekly winner: $230

Lawrence Pasatiempo, of Newark, NJ, was traveling for United Airlines and unavailable to be included in this article.

Here’s how the contest worked:
Each week from May 9, 2014 through June 9, 2014, Alliant randomly selected one of our mobile check depositors to win a bonus deposit. Every mobile deposit members made was an official entry and first-time users received two entries for their first deposit. The winners for the first three weeks got a bonus deposit that matched their deposit up to $250. The fourth week winner got the grand prize: a bonus deposit that matched his or her deposit up to $500.


Haven’t tried Alliant Mobile Banking with check deposit? Download the free Apple iOS or Google Android app and try it today.