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Meet the winners of Alliant’s “Sign and Win” debit card contest

June 01, 2014

By Paul Brucker

Did you know that in addition to using your Alliant Credit Union Visa® Debit Card to get cash from ATMs, you can use it at gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, retailers, online and more? It’s easy to use and it’s a lot safer and more convenient than carrying cash or your checkbook.

To help promote the use of our debit card to pay for member purchases, Alliant recently sponsored our “Sign & Win up to $1,000” contest. From March 1, 2014, to March 31, 2014, Alliant members earned an entry for our prize drawing every time they swiped their Alliant Visa Debit Card for a purchase, chose “credit” (not debit) and signed their name on the receipt.

Three lucky winners were randomly selected on April 10, 2014.


$1,000 prize winner

Ophelia Davis, Charlotte, NC

Ophelia uses her Alliant Visa debit card just about every day for all kinds of things, such as gas, coffee and groceries. She vaguely remembers reading about our debit sweepstakes promotion but says, “I didn’t think about it because I never win anything.” That is, she never won anything until she became our grand prize winner. Ophelia works as an airport sales agent for United Airlines and is in the process of transferring from its counter at the Charlotte Douglass International Airport, in Charlotte, NC, to its counter at the Washington Dulles International Airport, serving Washington, D.C. Ophelia is a D.C. native. Ophelia plans to apply her prize money toward her moving expenses. She joined the Continental Airlines Federal Credit Union in 1985. When that credit union merged with Alliant in 2011, she became an Alliant member. One weekend, a year ago, she bought a red Mini Cooper at a dealership. “I never had a red fun car before so I thought it was time,” she says. The following Monday she called Alliant to see if she could get a better deal financing with us. “The people at Alliant were very friendly,” she says. “They made the refinance process smooth and quick – and saved me a lot of money.”


$500 prize winner

Eric LauKaitis, Lynbrook, NY

“The prize money came at a perfect time,” says Eric. “I will use it for a cruise trip I’m planning.” Since high school, Eric has worked as a custodial worker for the Nassau, NY, department of public works. He bought his car with Alliant financing. “The auto loan was very easy for me,” he says. “I set up my payments so the needed amount was automatically taken out of my account each month. Plus, the interest rate was low.” Eric has been a member since 2005 and says he uses his Alliant Visa debit card “on a daily basis for food or household stuff.” His last great prize: winning an Xbox 360 a few years ago.



$250 prize winner

Paul Martin, Highlands, CO

A United Airlines Airbus 320 first officer [that’s “pilot” to people unfamiliar with airline terminology], Paul found out about his prize during a phone call with his wife after touching down from a flight. “Yeah right, I thought. I was skeptical,” he says. “When people call saying ‘you’ve won,’ it’s usually not the real deal.” But he was elated to learn that this time it was the real deal. Previously, his most memorable prize was a football from a raffle sponsored by the football league he played in as a defensive lineman when he was 9-years-old. Paul became an Alliant member in May 1999 when he started working at United Airlines. He bought his home, a 20 minute drive from downtown Denver, with an Alliant mortgage and has since refinanced it with Alliant. He uses his Alliant Visa debit card three to five times a week for routine purchases. What will he do with the prize money? “I’ll keep it in savings” he says. “Otherwise, I’d probably use it to buy radio controlled airplane supplies.” Currently, he is putting the finishing touches on a radio-controlled B-17 with a 138” wingspan.



Need an Alliant Debit Card? Alliant Visa Debit Cards are used with an Alliant checking account. Members automatically get the card when they open an Alliant checking account. To open an Alliant checking account, enroll via Alliant Online Banking, mail in an application or stop by an Alliant Branch. If you already have Alliant checking, but don’t have an Alliant Visa Debit Card, call 800-328-1935 (24/7) and order a replacement debit card today.