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Resumes that win jobs for recent college grads

July 01, 2014

By Paul Brucker

Employers are usually bombarded by resumes for open jobs. If you’re a recent college grad, your odds of scoring an interview are increased when you rank high in these attributes (on a scale of 1 to 100). Note: your work track record trumps the list despite the old catch-22 adage that “you can’t get the job without the experience and you can’t get experience without the job.”

These accomplishments will help make your resume gain positive attention:


 Number      Accomplishment    % in Importance     
1. Internships 23
2. Working a job during college 21
3. Your college major 13
4. Volunteer experience 12
5. Extracurricular activities 12
6. How relevant were your classes 8
7. Your college GPA 8
8. Your college's prestige 5




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