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Alliant Credit Union Beats the Banks in Customer Satisfaction


When it comes to customer satisfaction, Alliant Credit Union beats the banks, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). Based on 2012 ACSI benchmark findings, Alliant's satisfaction rating of 82 on a 100 point scale is significantly better than the bank national average of 77. Alliant is even further ahead when compared with America's four largest banks, whose customer satisfaction scores range from 66 to 74.

Additional ACSI findings regarding financial institutions show similar results. For example, Alliant's perceived quality score is 85 on a 100 point scale, while the banks rank lower with their customers, averaging 78 nationally. Alliant's perceived value rating is 87, up two points from last year. Meanwhile, this year's bank national average for perceived value is well behind at 72.

Alliant, the nation's sixth largest credit union in asset size, is headquartered in Chicago. It has branches in various markets from coast to coast. Founded in 1935, Alliant serves more than 270,000 members and is ranked among America's strongest financial institutions in strength and safety.

With over 15 years of empirical financial evidence linking customer satisfaction to future financial performance, the ACSI is a leading national indicator of customer satisfaction with household goods and services in the U.S. economy.

According to Alliant President & CEO David W. Mooney, "Many bank customers have simply become fed up with poor rates, escalating fees and lackluster service and are switching to credit unions like Alliant. As a member owned financial cooperative, Alliant's exclusive purpose is to serve our members' interests. That means providing consistently superior financial value through attractive rates and lower, fewer fees, along with friendly, efficient and personalized service.

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