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Alliant Credit Union Supports National Financial Literacy


Chicago based Alliant Credit Union supports a number of programs designed to increase the financial knowledge of children and adults, according to Alliant President & CEO David Mooney. "With April being National Financial Literacy Month, it presents an opportunity to emphasize our commitment to this important cause," Mooney said.

Alliant offers "Set for Success" seminars on a variety of financial topics. These are provided at no charge to companies whose employees are eligible for Alliant membership. Informative webinars designed to enhance the money management skills of Alliant members are available at the credit union's web site.

"Additionally, Alliant partners with the BALANCETM Financial Fitness organization to provide members access to expert financial counseling, free of charge," mentioned Mooney.

Frank Weidner, Alliant Sr. Vice President, Member Services, added, "Many American workers are struggling to get ahead financially and lack knowledge about handling money. Our partnerships with employers enable them to offer their employees these free financial information resources. This is a win-win, since financially sound employees tend to be more productive and engaged in the workplace."

As a national partner of Operation HOPE, a non-profit, public benefit organization dedicated to financial literacy, Alliant has employee volunteers who teach money management classes at public schools. In fact, classes are planned this spring at Chicago area middle schools.

Alliant is also dedicated to the general education needs of its members and others nationwide. Each year, credit union members can enter programs to win college scholarships and computer gift awards. Earlier this month Alliant arranged to invest $45 million in securities to help provide low cost, federally backed education loans to students and their families.

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