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Electronics Drive and Laptop Distribution Event to Benefit Hundreds of Illinois Families


Alliant Credit Union to host electronics drive, laptop distribution and Affordable Connectivity Program signup event in celebration of the financial institution’s 87th birthday.

To celebrate its 87th anniversary on Oct. 26, Alliant Credit Union, a national digital financial institution with a social mission to bridge the digital divide and create equitable digital access for all, is turning their next electronic device collection event with PCs for People into a two-part birthday extravaganza.

The first half of the day, Alliant employee volunteers will accept used device donations from the community. In the afternoon, volunteers will hand out free computers to 150 pre-registered Illinois families in need. Volunteers will also assist device recipients in applying for reduced-price internet, a government benefit provided under the recently passed Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

This will be the fourth electronics drive Alliant has hosted in partnership with PCs for People. As part of the Connect Illinois Computer Equity Network, the co-hosting organizations aim to source computers for the 1.1 million Illinois households that lack at-home computer access necessary for remote learning, telemedicine, online banking and much more. The event will be held at the credit union’s Chicago corporate office.

“We’re thrilled to bring multiple pillars of digital inclusion together during this event,” said Dennis Devine, President and CEO of Alliant Credit Union. “The Alliant Credit Union Foundation has provided laptops and desktops for 150 families, and they’ll receive one-on-one assistance in applying for affordable internet so they can use their devices when they get home.”

Donations of desktop computers, laptops, phones, tablets and other electronics will be collected for non-profit organization PCs for People of Illinois. All data will be permanently and securely deleted from the electronics and then refurbished to provide to communities in need. Any unusable equipment will be recycled responsibly.

Following the used electronics donation event, Alliant will provide 150 free laptops and desktop computers to pre-registered families. These devices are refurbished donations collected by PCs for People at prior events. Alliant employee volunteers will then assist device recipients in signing up for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). The ACP is a $14.2 billion government subsidy program that offers monthly discounts on internet service and a one-time discount on an internet-connected device.

Additional details about the device donation event can be found on the credit union’s Facebook event page. The upcoming event builds on the financial institution’s recent digital equity work. Alliant supports digital equity grants through their charitable Foundation, engages elected officials through their annual Alliant Day of Action, spreads awareness through a corporate pledge partnership, and partners with digital inclusion organizations across the country.

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