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Serving Our Members, Communities and Worthwhile Charities


Several years ago Alliant started a Civic Affairs Program to provide a positive impact through helpful projects, employee participation and donations. This program “gives back” to Alliant members, communities and various worthwhile charities.

During 2008, the Civic Affairs Committee is focusing on the following initiatives:

Fundraising Initiatives and Employee Donation Programs- Each year, Alliant’s Civic Affairs Committee develops and coordinates a series of programs designed to help those in need of assistance. Including:

Employee food and clothing collections with donated items going to charities such as community food pantries, Goodwill, Salvation Army and more.
Civic Affairs fundraising initiatives include an Employee Volleyball Tournament & Fundraising competition that raises money for a specific beneficiary each year and a School Supplies program that donates book bags and much needed supplies to students of minority inner city schools.

  • Operation HOPE financial literacy program-
  • Based in Los Angeles, Operation Hope develops programs to help minorities and others succeed through economic empowerment. “Banking on Our Future” provides students with financial knowledge needed to create wealth, according to Operation Hope founder, John Bryant. For the 3rd consecutive year, Alliant is partnering with Operation Hope by scheduling employee volunteers to teach financial literacy in public schools. The 4-part curriculum includes Banking Basics, Savings & Checking, Managing Credit and Basic Investments. “Our partnership with Operation Hope enables us to teach a large number of students about the importance of money management”, added Alliant President & CEO David Mooney.
  • Alliant’s Member Scholarship Program-
  • This program annually awards five, $2,000 scholarships to Alliant member students enrolled in an accredited undergraduate program at a college, university or vocational/technical institution. Entry requirements include a 100-word statement of personal goals and a 250-word essay on the topic, “What Does Belonging to Alliant Credit Union Mean to Me?” Also included is a description of the applicant’s community activities.
  • Alliant’s National Education Program-
  • This program annually awards $5,250 in computer gift certificates to students who are Alliant members. In all, 9 gift certificates are given to students in three age groups—ages 5-9, 10-13, and 14-17. Along with their completed National Education Program application, students may use any media they desire—written essay, drawings, paintings, photography, video or web site—to describe what they want to be when they grow up, and how a computer could enrich their education.
  • Donations Through Employees’ Participation-
  • Civic Affairs donates up to $100 on behalf of each Alliant employee who participates in an approved charitable activity or event, normally sponsored by organizations that serve health care and/or economic needs.

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