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As a joint owner on an Alliant Teen Checking account, will I be able to view it in online banking?

Yes, joint owners can view your teen’s checking and savings accounts once given access. To view Alliant joint account(s) within online banking, the primary account owner must first give access.

For teen checking accounts, your teen should log in to Alliant online banking, then click into their Alliant Teen Checking account in the left sidebar of the main My Accounts page. 

1. Select Account Details
2. Select Manage Joint Owners
3. Select Manage Online Access
4. Follow the onscreen prompts to select the account(s) your teen would like you to have access to.
5. Click the “Update” button

After your teen completes the above steps, you can then log in to your own Alliant Online Banking to view your teen’s checking account. 

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