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What’s the difference between my membership number and my account number?

Your Alliant membership number is your unique profile number that is typically ten digits long. This number is located in your new Member Welcome Package and available in your Alliant Online Banking account profile. Your membership number is the very important unique identifier that provides a fast way for an Alliant representative to help you.

Each Alliant account that you opened has an associated share ID (an account number) that links it to specific account types, such as a checking, savings, IRA, etc. For instance, checking account share IDs end with -40, while savings account share IDs end with -01.

You need your membership number and account number (share ID) for virtually every transaction you would like to make and any account maintenance actions. Here are just a few instances when you’ll need both numbers:

  • Making a deposit
  • Adding a joint account owner or beneficiary
  • Signing up for Alliant Online Banking
  • When you’re calling Alliant for help
  • When you’re making any type of inquiry on your account
  • When you’re submitting an application
  • When you want to make a change to one of your accounts

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