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How do I set up a recurring transfer to my child’s savings or teen checking account?

Use the Transfer Money form to create a recurring transfer into your child's savings or teen checking account. 

  • Click "Transfer Money"
  • On the Transfer Money page, select the "Other Members" tab.
  • The default transfer option of a one-time transfer will be selected at the top of the form. Change this selection by clicking on "Recurring." 
  • Select the accounts you want to transfer money from using the "From" field. 
  • If you've already set up a transfer to another member, you will see a set of radio buttons at the top of the "To" section. Select "Members in my Transfer List" if you've already transferred money to the child you're sending the new recurring transfer to, then select their name from the dropdown for "To Member Account." Select "Any Other Member" to set up a transfer to a child who you haven't transferred money to in the past. then enter their name and member number into the "Last Name (of Other Member)" and "To Member Account" fields.
  • Select "Share" in the "Account Type" dropdown and type "01" (savings) or "40" (teen checking) in the ID field.
  • Type the Amount you want to transfer into the "Amount" field. 
  • Indicate how often you want the transfers to be made using the "Frequency" field.
  • Select the date you want the transfers to start using the "First Transfer Date" field. 
  • Select the date you want the transfers to end using the "Last Transfer Date" field or click the "No End Date" checkbox to continue the transfers indefinitely. 
  • Click Continue. 
  • Review the options you've selected and click Submit Transfer. 

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