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How do I set up direct deposit with my employer?

To set up direct deposit of your paycheck, check your company intranet to see if your employer offers direct deposit. If you can't find information and instructions on the intranet, check with your human resources department to see if direct deposit is available and to ask what the process is. If your company doesn't have its own direct deposit form, you can use Alliant's direct deposit form to provide your employer with the information they need to process your request.

Typically, you’ll need to supply just a few pieces of information in order to complete the forms to set up direct deposit to your Alliant account(s).

  • The Alliant Routing Number (271081528);
  • Your Alliant checking account number or savings account number; and 
  • Account type (for example, Checking, Savings, etc.)

Pension, annuity or benefit checks. If your recurring check is from an annuity, pension or government benefit program instead of from an employer, you can also set up direct deposit of your checks into your Alliant account(s). Just provide them with the information described above to set it up. You'll save time, and you can access your funds more quickly when they are direct deposited than you can when you deposit a paper check. 

Pro tip: A great way to "pay yourself first" and boost your savings is to have part of your paycheck deposited directly into your savings account instead of having your entire paycheck deposited into your checking account. Ask your employer if they allow you to split your direct deposit up across multiple accounts. Many employers are able to do so and help you save even more every month.

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