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What’s the process if I return an item paid for with Apple Pay™ and my Alliant Visa® card?

The cashier can use your device account number (DAN) to find your purchase and process the return, just like they would normally do with a physical credit or debit card payment. You'll need to give the cashier your device account number, which you can find by going to Passbook, tapping on the image of your Alliant Visa® credit card, then clicking on the information button (a lower-case letter "i" in a circle) at the bottom right of the Passbook screen.

If the cashier needs your card details to process the return, follow the same steps you use when making a payment. Hold your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus near the reader, select your Alliant Visa credit or debit card and authorize the return with Touch ID. Please note that it could take several days for a return transaction to appear on your Alliant credit card or checking account statements, depending on the return policies of the store.

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