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What is an “IP address” and how can I find the IP address I am using?

Your IP address is a number used to identify where an online banking log-in attempt is being made. It is a number that is generally based on your physical location and is assigned by your mobile carrier, internet service provider, or employer.

When you connect to Alliant online or mobile banking, we record the IP address used to access your account. If our fraud monitoring systems detect a login attempt from a suspicious or unusual IP address, we may alert you and ask you to confirm that the login attempt is valid or ask you to change your username and password.

If there is a login attempt you do not recognize, check to see if the IP address we captured matches the IP address(es) your device(s) use. If you don’t know your IP address, you can find it by Googling “What is my IP location” from your device or by using the What is my IP tool. Please note that your IP address can change if you’re using security tools like a VPN (Virtual Private Network), connecting from a different physical location, or using multiple devices on the same network.

If the IP address we recorded for the login attempt does not match one of the IP addresses you use to access your account, we recommend that you change your username and password to something new and unique.

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