Civic Affairs

Serving our members, communities and worthwhile charities

Helpful programs through donations and employee participation

Several years ago, as a way to formalize and emphasize our commitment to community service and beneficial causes, Alliant started a Civic Affairs Program. Since its inception, this program has “given back” to our members, communities and charities through numerous highly successful initiatives developed by Alliant’s Civic Affairs Committee. Through this program the committee and many generous, civic minded Alliant employees have offered their time, talents and donations to worthy causes that help others. Yearly activities include:

Operation HOPE’s Financial Literacy Program
After years of providing assistance in specific markets, Alliant recently increased its involvement by becoming the first credit union to have a national partnership with Operation HOPE.

Based in Los Angeles, Operation HOPE develops programs that help minorities and others succeed through economic empowerment… Including “Banking on Our Future”, which provides students with financial knowledge to create wealth, according to HOPE Chairman, John Bryant. Through this program, Alliant employee volunteers teach financial literacy classes in public schools. The 4-part curriculum includes Banking Basics, Savings & Checking, Managing Credit and Basic Investment.

“Our national partnership with Operation HOPE enables us to teach a larger number of students about the importance of money management”, added Alliant President & CEO David Mooney. We’ll also strive to recruit other credit unions around the country to become involved in this outstanding endeavor. In October, 2007, Mr. Mooney was named chairman of HOPE’s Midwest Board of Directors.

Charitable Fund Raising Events

Employee Volleyball Tournament
In recent years an annual employee volleyball tournament has been held to benefit a worthwhile charity. Thousands of dollars are raised each year, primarily through employee donations. In appreciation for their generosity, participating employees receive free team T-shirts and lunch during the event. Beneficiaries include The Hadley School for the Blind and Special Olympics.

School Supplies Drive
Alliant employees respond tremendously to an Annual School Supplies Collection. Various Alliant departments team up to donate an array of much needed supplies for students attending schools in minority neighborhoods.

Food and Clothing Collections
Each year Civic Affairs sponsors employee drives to benefit people in need. Last year alone, thousands of items were donated by Alliant employees…including clothing to Goodwill, shoes to Salvation Army and food to local food pantries.

Members Scholarships and Computer Gift Awards

Alliant’s Member Scholarship Program
This program annually awards five, $2,000 scholarships to Alliant member students enrolled in an accredited undergraduate program at a college, university or vocational/technical institution. Entry requirements include a statement of goals and an essay on “What Belonging to Alliant Credit Union Means to Me”?

Alliant’s National Education Program
This program annually awards over $5,000 in computer gift certificates to students who are Alliant members. In all, 9 gift certificates are given to students in three age groups. Entrants use any media they desire to describe what they want to be when they grow up, and how a computer could enrich their education.

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