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Expert budgeting and planning tools

Welcome to the Alliant Budget & Planning Tool

Personal Financial Management

The Alliant Budget & Planning Tool shows you the categories you spend the most on (dining out, groceries, travel, etc.) as well as helps you visualize your revolving cash flow and net worth.

You can also access the tool through our Alliant Mobile Banking App which is available on smartphones and tablets using Apple iOS or Google Android™. If you have a different device, please use our mobile optimized website.

Why use our Budget & Planning Tool?
  • See all your balances and transactions together in one place, automatically. Have a separate 401(k) or credit card with another financial institution? It’s no problem to add them.
  • Understand your spending patterns via the tool’s easy-to-read charts and graphs.
  • Tag individual transaction amounts to ensure accuracy.
  • Conveniently access the tool at home or on-the-go on our Alliant Mobile App.
  • It’s simple . . . and free.

To get started log in to Online Banking.

Transfer Money

Transfers made easy

Transfer money between your Alliant accounts, other member accounts and accounts at other financial institutions 

Schedule your transfers as one time, future or recurring. Note: Transfers between your accounts or between accounts of other Alliant members are effective immediately unless you select “recurring”.

For checking accounts, there are no limits on the number of transfers you can make in a calendar month.

For savings accounts, you can make up to 6 preauthorized, automatic, telephone, electronic or audio response transfers to another account of yours or to a third party during a calendar month per federal regulations. Of these 6, you can make no more than 3 transfers to a third party by check or debit card. A preauthorized transfer includes any arrangement with us to pay a third party from your account upon oral or written orders including orders received through the automated clearing house (ACH). You can make unlimited transfers at an ATM, in person at a Service Center, through the mail or to any Alliant Credit Union loan. However, we may refuse or reverse a transfer that exceeds these limitations and may suspend or close your account.

You will need to go through a setup verification process before you can make the first transfer to & from another financial institution. Please note ACH transfers are not immediate and follow the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network timeline and cut off times.

Wire Transfers
A wire transfer can also be used to move money between financial institutions or between you and another business or person electronically. Although a wire transfer is faster, you will be charged a fee for any outbound wire transfer. Alliant charges $25 for an outbound domestic wire transfer and $50 for an outbound international wire transfer. There are no limits to the amount or number of wire transfers; however, you will be charged for each one separately. Inbound wire transfers are free. 

Standard ACH Transfer Timeline
Transfer Request Received Funds Should Post*
Monday - Friday, Before 12:00 pm (Noon) CT Next Business Day
Monday - Friday, After 12:00 pm (Noon) CT Second Business Day
Federal Holidays & Weekends Second Business Day
*Business days are Monday through Friday excluding federal holidays and weekends. Actual posting times at other financial institutions may vary. Please contact the other financial institution for their posting times. Incoming transfers will post at Alliant by 9:00 am CT. Outgoing transfers will be withdrawn from your Alliant account on or around 12:00 pm (Noon) CT.
Incoming Same-Day ACH Transfer Timeline
Incoming ACH Transfer Received Funds Should Post*
Monday - Friday, Before 1:45pm CT 5:00 same day
Monday - Friday, After 1:45pm CT Next Business Day
Federal Holidays & Weekends Next Business Day
*Business days are Monday through Friday excluding federal holidays and weekends. Actual posting times at other financial institutions may vary. Please contact the other financial institution for their posting times. Incoming transfers received by 1:45pm CT will post at Alliant by 5:00 pm CT. 
Examples of ACH timelines

From Alliant
If you initiate an ACH transfer through Alliant online banking before 12:00 pm (Noon) CT on Monday from your Alliant account, the funds will be drawn on or around 12:00 pm (Noon) CT on Monday and will post to your other financial institution's account on Tuesday morning. 

Standard ACH Transfer to Alliant
If you initiate an ACH transfer to Alliant before 12:00 pm (Noon) CT on Monday from an account at another financial institution, funds will post to your Alliant account by 9:00 am CT on Tuesday morning. Funds should also be drawn from your account at the other institution on Tuesday morning. (Previously the transfer would have posted on Wednesday.)

Same-Day ACH Transfer to Alliant
If you initiate a Same-Day ACH transfer to Alliant before 1:45 pm CT on Monday from an account at another financial institution, funds will post to your Alliant account by 5:00 pm CT on Monday afternoon. Funds should also be drawn from your account at the other institution on Monday before 5:00pm.


The Secure Way To Control Your Finances

Since 2003, Alliant has been protecting today's and tomorrow’s members by providing all members with secure online statements (eStatements). These PDF files contain all the same information as paper statements and look just like your printed statement. The only difference is they are delivered securely through Online Banking instead of through the mail.

eStatement Benefits

Once you sign up for eStatements, make sure you take advantage of these benefits:

  • Free: Yes, free and secure access to online banking and eStatements (up to 18 months of statements)
  • Fraud deterrence: Remove the paper trail and reduce your chance of mail fraud or identity theft – especially helpful during vacation seasons
  • Immediate access: View, download and print your statement the day it becomes available
  • Automatic notifications: Turn on free email notifications that let you know the moment your statement is ready
  • Convenient, centralized storage: Immediate access to not only your account statements but also your important tax statements 
  • Eco-friendly: eStatements help reduce Alliant’s carbon footprint as well as paper and energy usage.
  • Free access: When you sign up for eStatements, you get access to Alliant’s Online Banking system so you can easily manage your money

Paying Bills & Free Credit Score

Paying bills made easy
  • Pay all your bills online for free with no monthly fees, no limit on the number of payees and no per-transaction fees 
  • Instantly pay your Alliant loans, mortgage and credit cards
  • Schedule automatic and recurring payments 
  • Most payments can be credited to your payee within 2 business days 
  • Cancel or change a scheduled payment

An Alliant checking account is required for use with Alliant Bill Pay. There are no fees to maintain a Bill Pay account. However, if incurred, applicable fees will apply. Please refer to the Alliant Fee Schedule for a complete list of these types of fees.

Free Credit Score

As a valuable part of membership, Alliant provides members their credit score free of charge

Your credit score is a key indicator of your creditworthiness, representing the likelihood to meet or become delinquent on a credit obligation in the future. A high credit score may save you thousands of dollars in interest and premiums if you’re in the market to open a credit card, get a loan, and obtain insurance. Use this credit score to help you monitor and improve your credit worthiness.

We will update your credit score quarterly. This is not a hard pull and will not impact your credit rating. Not all members will have their credit score displayed in Alliant Online Banking. You can opt out at the credit scores details page on Alliant Online Banking.

Keep in mind, there are many different credit scoring systems with different scales; a “good” credit score depends on the scoring system. The credit score displayed in Alliant Online Banking is VantageScore®. It was developed by the three national credit reporting companies (Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union). Unlike other scoring models, the VantageScore uses one set of calculations for all three bureaus, resulting in a more uniform and consistent score. This model weighs your payment history, credit utilization, outstanding balances, depth of credit, recent credit, and available credit to calculate your credit score.

Regardless of the model’s score range, higher scores indicate to lenders that you’re a less risky borrower, while lower scores indicate that you’re an increased risk.

Security & Settings

Login and Password made easy
  • Create a username that’s easy for you to remember (instead of using your Alliant membership number)
  • Recover your username or reset your password online
  • Receive notification when your session is about to time out due to inactivity. You can choose to stay logged in or log out
  • Send and receive Secure Messages about your account. (To keep your account information confidential, Secure Messages are stored and accessed through our secure server, not sent by e-mail)
  • View your account login history to make sure no one else has logged into your account
  • Enjoy the security of having all your sessions encrypted
Alliant Credit Union will never solicit you for personal information, such as account number, credit/debit card numbers, passwords or PINs (Personal Identification Numbers). Call us immediately at 800-328-1935 (24/7) if you think unauthorized access or fraud has occurred in connection with your Alliant Credit Union accounts.
Managing your settings made easy
  • Change your username, password or security questions
  • Manage and update your personal contact information
  • Activate your VISA® ATM Debit Card, and change your PIN (Personal Identification Number)

Account management made easy

  • View current balance and transaction information for all your Alliant accounts, including detailed information for each account (full account numbers, rates, dividends, maturity options, fees and payment details)
  • Search your transactions for up to two years
  • View check images
  • View statement history from the last 18 months
  • Open a new account, order checks or apply for a loan
  • Receive your quarterly credit score for free2
  • Locate which ATMs in our network of 80,000 surcharge-free ATMs3are nearest you – and which accept deposits
  • Make deposits from your home computer and get immediate access to your funds with eDepositPlus4
  • Use Alliant’s Personal Financial Management tool to create and manage budgets, track your spending and identify ways to save and meet your financial goals
  • Create account alerts to notify you of account activity, such as balance changes, withdrawals and deposits
  • Send alerts to multiple emails and email enabled phone
  • View rates, fees and disclosures
  • View and print application, transaction forms and tax documents (PDFs)
  • Download your account transactions to QuickBooks®1, Quicken®1and Microsoft Money®1
  • Financial Aggregators supported in Online Banking: eMoney, Yodlee (MINT), Cash Edge (Geezeo), Intuit, Quicken, Mvelopes


1 QuickBooks and Quicken are registered trademarks of Intuit. Microsoft Money is a registered trademark of Microsoft.

2 Not all members will have a credit score displayed. Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions on the credit score page for more information.

3 Surcharge-free ATMs include Alliant-owned ATMs and ATMs that are part of the Alliance One, Allpoint, Bank of the West, CO-OP Network, Credit Union 24 CU Here and Publix Presto networks. Transactions performed at other ATMs may be subject to the ATM owners surcharge fee. Not all ATMs accept deposits. Please see our online ATM Locator for a list of ATMs that accept deposits or are surcharge-free.

4 You must meet certain criteria to qualify for eDepositPlus. Alliant eDepositPlus services provide for immediate access to funds from checks deposited online, up to your available eDepositPlus limit. Funds deposited to your account may not be available immediately based upon check hold policies. Alliant members who qualify for eDepositPlus will see the “Deposit Checks Online” link on the right side after logging in to Alliant Online Banking. Members who qualify for eDepositPlus services will be able to enroll immediately.