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How do I add a joint owner to my account?

Once your membership is established, you, the member (also called the primary account owner) can request the addition of a joint account owner.

You can add a joint account owner in online banking in just a few steps:  Log in to online banking and click into whichever account(s) you want to add a joint owner to. Then select "Account Details" and the "Manage Joint Owners" link.

Please alert your joint account owner that they will be required to prove their identity before they can be added to the account. Alliant will be contacting the joint owner through email to do so.

Once approved, Alliant will automatically add the joint owner to the account. Approval typically happens automatically online, when the application is completed.

Alternatively, you can download, complete, and mail us a joint account membership form. Download the form here. We’ll contact you if there are any questions.

Please note that the joint owner is not considered a member of Alliant, unless they choose to join. For security purposes, Alliant provides one user login and password for both the primary and the joint account owners who are managing their account(s) online. It is at the discretion of the primary account owner to share the login and password information. Best practice is to have your joint owner become a member.

If the joint owner of your account desires a unique login and password, we ask that the joint owner establish their own membership.

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