Holiday stats: How much do Americans really love July 4th?

June 30, 2015 | Paul Brucker

Are you ready to let the good times roll on July 4? If so, you’ll have plenty of company. Here are some facts and stats on how Americans will spend their time and money celebrating.*

  • More than 153 million Americans plan to celebrate the holiday with a picnic, barbeque or cookout. Expected spending on food: $6.2 billion (that’s $68.16 per household)1
  • In 2015, our national diet for the holiday is expected to include 700 pounds of chicken, 190 pounds of beef and 150 million hot dogs.2 That’s enough hot dogs to stretch all the way from D.C. to Los Angeles – more than five times3
  • July 4 is a heavy beer drinking holiday, with 40% higher consumption expected than an average weekend.4 During the Independence Day weekend this year, Americans are projected to buy and drink more than $1 billion of beer2
  • 105 million Americans plan to go to a fireworks display or community celebration.1.Additionally, consumers will buy approximately $675 million worth of fireworks5
  • 27 million Americans plan to see a local patriotic parade1
  • In 2014, a projected 41 million Americans traveled 50 miles or more from their home during the holiday weekend, a 14% increase compared to the Memorial Day weekend. About 80% of these people traveled by car and a projected 3.1 million people traveled by air. In 2014, AAA Two Diamond rated hotels raised their rates by 15% over the previous July 4 weekend. The cost for Three Diamond Hotels rose by 9%.6 In 2014, almost 20% of millennials planned a July 4 trip1
  • The five most popular travel destinations for this year’s July 4 holiday are Las Vegas, San Diego, New Orleans, Los Angeles and Chicago, according to Wallethub. It also predicted the five best places to be on July 4 based on entertainment, food, attractions, activities and this year’s July 4 weather forecast. The overall best place: Minneapolis, followed by Seattle, St. Paul, Portland and San Francisco2
  • Despite increasing gas prices in 2014, 70% of consumers said their July 4 activities would not be constrained by pump prices. In 2013, 65% said gas prices would not deter their July 4 driving1
  • July 4 is a popular day to hang an American flag outside one’s home and around town. In 2014, Americans paid $3.6 million import U.S. flags – 94% of them made in China. (Last year, America also exported $1.8 million worth of U.S. flags. Guess who our leading customer was? Turkey. It bought $673,000 worth)7

The bottom line: In 2015, the average American family is expected to spend about $346.50 for the holiday, up 5% from last year.2
Enjoy your holiday. Maybe your purchases and activities will wind up being part next year’s projections!

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