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Demystify the world of credit scores, credit cards and loans. We share what you need to know about debt, including car loans and personal loans.

2/16/21  Credit & Loans
Learn why verifying your credit score is super helpful

Even if you’re not applying for a loan, there are four reasons to check your credit score each year. Check out our list and learn where to check your credit score officially and safely for free.

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12/30/20  Credit & Loans
Your 6-month plan to cut expenses

Are your monthly expenses keeping you from saving toward your big financial goals? Follow this plan to get closer to a financially healthier you.

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11/18/20  Credit & Loans
Tips to pay off car loans early – and your other loans too

Check out the things to consider when paying off debt, how making payments could help your credit score, and how to pay off a loan early.

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10/22/20  Credit & Loans
When is your credit score pulled?

Check out this list so you’re never surprised by a credit inquiry.

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10/6/20  Credit & Loans
How to use credit cards to build credit

Check out our five key steps to build credit with a credit card.

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9/29/20  Credit & Loans
How to build credit as a college student

Check out these strategies and a complete guide to building good credit while you’re getting your degree.

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