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Money management made easy

Online banking gives you a simple, secure way to manage your Alliant accounts. And if you’re wondering about other ways to bank with us, check out our our quick guide to banking with Alliant.

Transfer money to/from Alliant accounts

​It’s easy to move money from one account to another or to transfer funds to/from accounts at another financial institution. You can set up a one-time or recurring transfer with just a few clicks.Learn more about transfers

Pay your bills & loans with ease

​Make one-time loan payments or set up recurring payments. Also, Bill Pay is free with your Alliant Checking account, and you can use it to pay your bills and make loan payments.Add a payee to your account

Manage your Alliant credit and debit cards

In online banking, you can report a credit or debit card as lost or stolen and order a replacement card, change your PINs, access your credit card’s reward site and set travel alerts so we’ll know that your purchases in a new location aren’t fraud.See card management options

Open a new Alliant account

​While you’re logged in, open and fund your new Savings, Checking, Certificate or IRA account. Or easily apply for a credit card, auto loan, personal loan, RV loan, home equity line of credit (HELOC) or start the mortgage application process.Open a new account or apply for a product

Available on the go

Use Alliant Online Banking on your smartphone to bank anytime, anywhere. The responsive design automatically adjusts to your screen size and makes it easy and convenient to bank on the go.

Easy online banking for your on-the-go life

Enroll in Alliant Online Banking

After you join Alliant, you’ll get an email with a link to the online banking enrollment page. Just provide a few pieces of information to confirm your identity, then follow the prompts to create your username and password.

Monitor account balances at a glance

Right when you log in, you’ll see a dashboard of your Alliant account and loan balances. Go to the Alerts page under My Profile & Settings to sign up for and customize transaction alert emails to make monitoring your accounts even easier.

Review statements and transaction history

View your Alliant statements from the past 18 months, along with the annual tax forms for your Alliant accounts.

Manage your personal information

Make sure your address, phone and email are correct, and remember to update them when they change so we can contact you with any important information about your accounts.

Protecting your accounts

Manage your security settings

Create or update your account security questions, change your username and password, set PINs for your debit and credit cards, and opt in to two-factor authentication, transaction alerts and card fraud alerts.

Card-fraud two-way text alerts

We’ll send you a text message when our fraud monitoring system detects a credit or debit card transaction that doesn’t fit your normal spending patterns. You can then approve or deny the transaction. Learn more

Send secure messages

Within online banking, you can ask our member care center questions about a transaction, application or process in a secure system that protects your personal information. (Remember: Never share personal or account-specific info via social media!)

Check your credit score

Alliant provides our members with free quarterly credit scores, so you can monitor your score for unexpected changes that could indicate fraud.

Frequently asked questions about online banking

What is the process/turnaround for funds transfers?

Transfers of funds between Alliant accounts will occur the day you submit it unless you schedule it for a future date. The timing and availability of funds for transfers to/from other financial institutions varies depending on what time of day the transfer is submitted. Details on processes and scheduling timelines are available on our Funds Transfers page.

Can I download my transactions or use a third-party budgeting aggregator?

Transactions can be downloaded for use with spreadsheets and third-party budgeting apps. Alliant’s supported third-party personal financial management aggregators include eMoney, Mint (now known as Intuit Mint) Quicken WebConnect (but not Quicken DirectConnect), YNAB and Mvelopes.

How do I set up Alliant Online Banking?

Setting up your login and password for Alliant Online Banking is easy. Have your Membership number handy and then start your account set up here.

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