Budgeting & Saving

Get motivated to budget and save better. From building an emergency fund to preparing for retirement, you'll learn practical tips to manage your finances.

2/22/24  Budgeting & Saving
How to start saving: 7 ways to build your savings account

If you're wondering how to build your savings account effectively, implementing these tips to reduce unnecessary spending and take advantage of rewards can help you get on the right track.

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2/20/24  Budgeting & Saving
3 things you need to know about certificates

Certificates are a great way to expand your financial portfolio. Unsure of what they are and how they can benefit you? Learn about the history, safety and flexibility of certificates and why a investing in a certificate may be a smart move to help you save more.

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2/15/24  Budgeting & Saving
Should I use AI to help manage my money?

AI tools open new possibilities for how you can manage your money. Learn when and how you should consider using AI for your finances.

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2/8/24  Budgeting & Saving
Valentine’s Day statistics: How much do Americans spend?

Learn what people like to gift each other on Valentine’s day and some tips on how to give something of real value.

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1/23/24  Budgeting & Saving
3 easy money saving challenges to jumpstart your saving goals

Started out on the wrong foot with your 2024 saving goals? Don’t give up yet. Here are three money saving challenges to jumpstart to help get your saving goals back on track.

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1/16/24  Budgeting & Saving
Return to office: How to spend less on your commute

With many employees working a fully in-office or hybrid position, commuting costs are on many people’s mind. Learn how much people spend commuting and how to save on yours.

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