Budgeting & Saving

Get motivated to budget and save better. From building an emergency fund to preparing for retirement, you'll learn practical tips to manage your finances.

9/5/23  Budgeting & Saving
Four ways to financially prepare for college

College is expensive, but by doing your research and considering the costs and options early, you can better prepare yourself for the costs.

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8/31/23  Budgeting & Saving
Use your ‘bonus’ paycheck to reach your financial goals faster

Twice a year, most employees get an extra, "bonus" paycheck! Learn how you can use your third monthly paycheck to reduce your debt, transition your checking to a higher-yield account or boost your savings. Plus, get the schedule for all the three-paycheck months for the next two years so you can plan ahead. 

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8/29/23  Budgeting & Saving
Grad School: Full-time vs. Part-time

Wondering what kind of program is best for you? Let’s go over the pros and cons.

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8/24/23  Budgeting & Saving
Thinking about growing your family? Here are financial tips you can start applying today

Growing your family is an exciting thing, but thinking about family finances is not. Here are a few financial tips to help plan for the financial effects of having a child.

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8/22/23  Budgeting & Saving
The ultimate guide to how certificates work

Learn all you need to know about certificates, federally insured deposit instruments that pay fixed interest until maturity.

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8/15/23  Budgeting & Saving
10 parenting hacks for back to school

From school supply shopping and budgeting to lessons in giving, here are our favorite tips and tricks to prepare your child for a successful school year.

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